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2021 BMW X5 Hybrid

If you want a few extra brownie points when it comes to keeping emissions to a minimum, then a new family-sized SUV like the 2021 BMW X5 Hybrid might be a really good choice for a luxury SUV.  We’ve all heard about how well BMWs tend to drive, having good handling and plenty of power, and their drivetrain components are a bit of a dream team set-up, however the hybrid model is putting this into a seriously green vehicle category, a concept that is music to an environmentalist’s ear.

Now this particular model is called the BMW xDrive45e plug-in hybrid with the M Sport trimmings, and under the bonnet of the new Hybrid X5 lies a powerful UL petrol/electric motoring combination that puts out an output of 210 kW that peaks at 6000 rpm and boasts a lusty 450 Nm of torque at the 3500 rpm mark.  The hybrid combo is a sweet blend and delivers an Environmental Protection Agency approval (EPA) of 50 miles to the gallon, which equates to less than 5.0 litres of ULP/100 km when driven in normal circumstances.  That’s amazing for what is a roomy, comfortable and satisfying big luxury SUV, perfect for out on the road and beyond.

The X5, of course, comes with constant 4×4 capability that is perfect for when the weather packs up and you need to be kept safe and sound from the elements.  All the hybrid power is fed to the AWD system via a silky smooth eight-speed automatic transmission.  Should you need to be towing the boat, the 2021 BMW X5 Hybrid can easily handle a 2700 kg braked trailer or a 750 kg unbraked trailer.  Prod the accelerator, and the Hybrid version is no slouch, responding with loads of grunt that makes a sports car look tame.  You can run from a standstill through to 100 km/h in a little over five seconds, which is in true BMW M Sport fashion.

When you’re up in the driver’s seat, the new X5 feels so safe and solid out and about and at high speeds; and it really is an incredible mile munching machine.  I truly believe that hybrids are the way to go at the moment, where the trips out of town can be taken care of with predominately ULP power, and then, whenever the chance arises, like during city/town running or even backing out the driveway, the car runs on electric power alone, keeping the car’s emissions very low and where it counts, which is in built-up areas with a dense population of people.

2021 BMW X5 Hybrid

The driving position is superbly comfortable, and the centre console is a work of art with all the premium materials and build quality you’d expect.  The gear shifter has a glass nob, while the dash is classy and easy on the eye.  There is a round swivel dial to operate features such as the sound system or other infotainment apps, and you can raise and lower the ride height (handy for when heading off-road) at the touch of a button.  Various drive modes like Hybrid, Sport, Electric and even Adaptive can be selected, wherein the car adjusts throttle response, damping and traction control to name a few of the car’s electronic wizardry.

2021 BMW X5 Hybrid

Feeling solid, safe and contented that your car is helping the environment is one thing, but with a new 2021 BMW X5 Hybrid there are no shortcuts to a high safety rating.  The latest X5’s full five-star safety rating is backed up with all the hottest safety features and new technology that’s come hot off the press.  Features like an audible pedestrian alert for when the X5 is in hybrid mode, collision alert warnings and active crash avoidance technology, lane departure warning, active lane keeping assist, a driver fatigue warning system, park assist, active headlights and voice recognition are just some of the features that ensure you and your family are kept safe on the journey ahead.

As standard, the very comfortable five-seater SUV comes with some amazing features that make travel in the X5 supremely relaxing.  The 2021 X5 Hybrid comes with ambient lighting, a charcoal filter for reducing unwanted odours (Dad’s or the dog’s farts!), 2-zone climate control, cup holders – 1st row and 2nd row, a distance control active cruise control and parking radar and camera, keyless start, a key fob, reading lamps front and rear, voice recognition, heated seats with electric memory and lumbar support, reclining rear seats, a huge boot (500 litres under shelf and 1720 litres with the rear seats down) and cargo nets and tie down points.  Both parts of the split tailgate are powered, plus there is excellent underfloor storage space in the boot.

On-board gadgetry is epic, and the 2021 BMW Hybrid boasts a new digital instrument display with changing colours according to the different drive modes.  GPS mapping, an information display with head up display, a speed limiter, a speed zone reminder and road sign recognition, plenty of auxiliary input and USB points front and rear, an inbuilt hard disk drive, Bluetooth connectivity, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, a large and clear multi-function control touchscreen, digital radio, an awesome 10-speaker sound system, a host of apps to choose from and wireless phone charging are all part of the deal.

Of course, there is way more to this talented luxury SUV than has been mentioned – take for instance the panoramic glass roof, but you can be sure that this is a class leader in terms of it being the perfect vehicle for the family, nice on-road dynamics, safety, performance, economy, practicality and comfort.

2021 BMW X5 Hybrid


The 2021 BMW X5 models include the:

  • BMW X5 xDrive25d
  • BMW X5 xDrive30d M Sport
  • BMW X5 xDrive40i M Sport
  • BMW X5 M50i Pure
  • BMW X5 xDrive45e M Sport Hybrid

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