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2021 BMW iX

2021 BMW iX

At the moment, EVs aren’t the cheapest commodity on the planet and, until they become priced for the average wage earner, they will still remain a buy for the rich.  For those of you who can afford a luxury EV, then BMW has an exciting SUV that’s totally electric.

If you’ve been around a few decades, you’ll understand where I’m coming from when I say that BMW is following with tradition as they introduce their latest model called the BMW iX.  How can that be?  The new BMW iX has a brand new design language I hear you say.  It has, I agree.  When BMW start a new model run, they have tended to start simple and then add the flair with each new model facelift.  If I’m right then, the simpler lines of the 2021 BMW iX is the starter to what will become an ever more elegant design as the years pass by.  That’s not saying that the straight laser headlights aren’t smart; they are.  What the new BMW iX has that draws your attention more than the SUV shape are those snazzy alloys and that massive, latticed kidney grille at the front.  You just can’t miss it!  That kidney grill is actually a masterpiece of design because inside the kidney grille plaque is a whole heap of sensors cleverly hidden away from sight.

Down the side of the 2021 BMW iX is a lengthy SUV shape that sits on a set of sweet looking alloys that start at 21-inches.  The flared, rather square, wheel arches add muscle to the side on view, which has a rather lower waistline than you might equate to an SUV.  That changes towards the back of the car as the waistline flicks upward rather nicely to meet with the C-pillar.  The thick black panel inlay ties the visual waistline neatly with the tailgate window as it wraps around seamlessly.  This is a nice styling feature.  If you open one of the doors, you’ll find that the door handles are electrically operated, a rather cool feature.

The back of the new BMW iX design gets a lot more interesting all of a sudden.  It is a really nice bit of design, with the narrow, linear LED taillights and a bulging butt looking perfectly proportioned.  It looks great, and the large BMW emblem is bigger than we have become accustomed to – and I like it that way.  It is slightly flirtatious, making sure that people behind catch more than just a glimpse of that iconic emblem.  Inside the BMW badge is the reversing camera, again cleverly hidden away from view.  The flared, crimped bottom corners of the rear bumper add visual impact from what would otherwise be a rather bland bumper panel.

2021 BMW iX

Inside the car is a winner, a huge winner in fact.  First you have to get inside, and when you open the doors, you’ll notice the frameless door as you step inside.  The cabin’s style is simple but gorgeous.  I like the way the huge digital display runs from behind the hexagonal steering wheel right across and into the passenger’s space.  You can see an elegant bracket (for want of a better word), while sitting in the front passenger seat, which supports the long display, and it is elegantly incorporated as part of the touchscreen design.  The touchscreen functions very easily, and its looks and clarity are superb.  You can adjust your climate control via the screen as well, and this includes the seat heating, fan speeds, and individual zoned areas front and back.  The quality and craftsmanship of the cabin is outstanding.

You have a choice as to what type of materials you’ll run with on the inside of the car.  Leather is a very nice option, with its smooth and soft surfaces feeling beautiful and looking stunning.  For those who want to go with the theme of recycled materials, then BMW offer an interior made of recycled stuff.  The end result, and I can’t go on enough about it, is absolutely magnificent.

Being an EV, there is masses of space underneath the dash for planting your feet.  You could even store a carry bag in front of the centre console, under the dash.  A wireless charging pad and two front cup holders are present.  There are other handy compartments for storage, which also include huge door bins for bottles.

Three adults have loads of space in the back seat of the new BMW iX SUV.  Head space is awesome.  Two USB points are situated on the back of the front seats.  An electric tailgate is standard, and there are lights for the boot space when you need to open it up at night.  Volume for the cargo area is 500 litres with the rear seats in place.  There is also some underfloor storage space.

Clever tech includes the big glass roof, which can be blacked out for privacy or cleared for letting sunlight in.  The new Head-Up display is superb.  The kidney grille has self-healing properties after it gets hit by a stone.  Soft closing doors are an impressive feature that makes you feel very stately when you swing the door closed.  There is a very impressive high definition camera system that offers 360 degree footage right around the car, and the camera system has a self-cleaning lens function – so cool!

BMW claim that the new iX SUV can manage 600 km on a full charge.  You should get pretty close to that in the real world.  Flick on the premium Bowers and Wilkins sound system and you’ve got a great way to cover the miles.  When you’re not listening to your stereo, the new iX is very quiet inside.

4WD is standard and power for both powerplant options is very healthy.  This means that the BMW iX is a quick SUV, and because it is an AWD it just puts the power down so well.  Both iX models use a twin-motor all-wheel drive system.  The 240 kW/630 Nm xDrive has a claimed range of 425 km, while the 385 kW/765 Nm xDrive50 has a range of 630 km and can sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.6 seconds.  Of course, the damping system adjusts to the different road surfaces and various driving demands to make this a hugely rewarding SUV to drive.  Comfort is excellent, and it even boasts 4-wheel steering to make tighter city spaces easy to drive about in.  Charging time on a fast charger is claimed at around 30 minutes – the more powerful version being the quicker to charge.

A direct competitor to the Mercedes Benz EQC and Audi e-tron, BMW’s mid-size iX SUV is the company’s initial assault into the luxury class SUV electric vehicle.  Around the same size as a BMW X5 and available in two basic model grades, from anywhere between $147 and $183k is what you’ll need to purchase a new BMW iX.  It is a game changer, and although EV battery production isn’t overly green, at least when you’re driving one of these that part of the equation has past.

2021 BMW iX

The 2021 BMW iX models include the:

  • BMW iX xDrive40
  • BMW iX xDrive40 Sport
  • BMW iX xDrive50 Sport

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