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2024 BMW 4 Series Hatch

2024 BMW 4 Series Hatch side view

Want a new BMW?  What about the 2024 BMW 4 Series Hatch?  One of the two models available should suit you down to a tee, but they are BMWs and they will cost a few rounds more than a Mazda 6, a Honda Civic, or a brand spanking new Corolla.  The extra dollars get you something more exotic, something fun, and something quick, which the 4 Series Beemer is.  And it looks pretty awesome inside and out.

There are two models of the new BMW 4 Series Hatch available: the BMW 430i M Sport Hatch and the BMW M440i xDrive Hatch.  Let’s take a closer look at what you’re getting yourself into – voluntarily, of course!

BMW 430i M Sport Hatch

Let’s start with the fun stuff first.  The BMW 430i M Sport Hatch is something of a revelation.  It’s a refreshing RWD set-up, runs on unleaded petrol (ULP) (95 octane), is obviously ICE powered, and is an exciting Hatchback to drive – all this in an overloaded EV market.  The sound of the engine’s performance, that exhaust note, the crisp handling, and great brakes make for a special driving experience, and the 430i allows the driver to make the most of the 190 kW of power on offer. 

A strong 400 Nm of torque can sing its tune from as low as 1600 rpm all the way through to 4000 rpm.  That means that you have the capacity to cause quite a stir on the streets or out on the highway.  The new BMW 430i M Sport Hatch has a limited top speed of 250 km/h, and it will see off the 0–100 km/h challenge in 6.2 seconds.  And you know what?  That sort of top speed and acceleration is similar to the legendary BMW M635 CSi.  That’s right: this is a quick car, and loves being driven that way. 

The 430i Hatch runs with a sweet 8-speed sports automatic gearbox that is slick and well-matched to the driver’s demands and the engine’s requirements.  If you like, you can make use of the paddle shifters on the steering wheel or just let the gearbox happily do its thing.  In the 430i cockpit, the driver sits superbly inside leather-clad front sports/luxury seats. 

You can either go for a big V8 or a six-cylinder engine to get lots of power and torque (which some marques and models do), or you can use smaller engines with turbo power, just like with this version of the 4 Series Hatch.  The 2.0-litre turbo engine is remarkably economical, even with the amazing performance that comes with the ride.  Perhaps that’s why we are seeing the price of fuel rise thanks to more frugal cars and less opportunity for tax?  Anyway, the 2024 BMW 430i M Sport Hatch should return you a combined fuel consumption figure of around 6.6 litres/100 km; on the highway, it’ll be around 5.8 litres/100 km; and if you are cruising the city, you could see as low as 8.1 litres/100 km.

BMW M440i xDrive Hatch

Then there is the M440i xDrive Hatch.  Yes, this is an M car and it goes like an M car should… you have been warned.  It is docile enough for most grannies and grandpas to drive to the shops, but give it the nod, and it will see off 0–100 km/h in a sharp 4.7 seconds on its way up to a limited top speed of 250 km/h.  The 285 kW and 500 Nm provide plenty of muscle to make quite a scene, and the figures are rather impressive as the rubber hits the road.  Yes, the engine has more cubes than the 430i, but the ULP (98 octane) 3.0-litre turbo ICE impresses, with a combined fuel economy of around 8.2 litres/100 km being a possibility.  Also, being an xDrive model, the M440i brings us a brilliant AWD chassis, making it truly a delight on any road and over any type of road surface.

One thing about opting for the new 4 Series Hatch is that it offers a dollop of practicality.  The boot has space for 470 litres of luggage behind rear seats that are in their upright position.  Cargo space can expand out to 1290 litres when the 60:40 split-folding rear seats are folded down.  Both 4-Series Hatch models can tow a braked trailer up to 1800 kg or an unbraked trailer up to 750 kg. 

2024 BMW 4 Series Hatch interior

Once you’re in the back seats of the 4 Series Hatch, which is easy because you have a rear door to go through (unlike in the coupé), you’ll find plenty of leg room. Although taller adults might find their head touching the ceiling, generally, two six-foot blokes will be comfortable enough in the back seats, especially if the journey to Hungry Jack’s isn’t too long.

Loaded, these two sporty 4 Series models come with plenty of kit.  So you’ll enjoy things like a number of USB socket connection points, Bluetooth connectivity, a multi-function control screen that has smart device integration for both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, wireless charging for compatible devices, a 10-speaker stereo as standard (upgradable too), and digital radio.  All the 5-star safety stuff is present in the mix; so, too, are some nice things like multi-zone climate control, driving distance control with a brake function, active cruise control, voice recognition, serene ambient lighting, and a stunning interior with premium materials and build quality.

The front seat occupants get foldable armrests, while the driver gets an engine starter button.  There are handy storage compartments throughout the cabin, and drink holders and bottle holders front and rear.  The leather seats are awesome, and the driver and front passenger get seats with electronic adjustment and electric lumbar support.  The driver’s seat has a memory function, too.  A digital driver’s display with a full heads-up information display, GPS satellite navigation, speed zone reminders, a road sign recognition system, and electric windows are most of the things that give you a taste of what to expect in this well-appointed driver’s car.  Oh yes – the new BMW 4 Series Hatch comes on a set of sexy 19- or 20-inch alloys.

If you are keen to know if there are any other options you can add, yes, there are plenty, so you don’t need to feel your individuality has to take a back seat (although this Beemer’s back seat is a nice place to be).  Various upgrades for both the car’s interior and exterior are available. 

And so there it is: one heck of a driver’s car.  The new BMW 4 Series Hatch is quite possibly the best hatch out there, though a little on the expensive side. 

2024 BMW 4 Series Hatch

The 2024 BMW 4 Series Hatch models include the:

  • BMW 430i M Sport Hatch
  • BMW M440i xDrive Hatch

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