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2013 BMW 650i

bmw 650i Coupe

Model Update

Longer, wider and lower, BMW have worked the design of the 6 Series over and have come up with a leaner version of what is a magnificent car for touring.
Featuring an eight-speaker audio system, navigation with voice feedback, Voice Command, an iDrive multimedia system and Real Time Traffic Information, the BMW 650i has plenty of high-tech kit.
Two 650i models are available: a Coupe and Convertible herald this nice new design. More power and performance make the twin-turbo V8 sensationally quick and responsive. Offering 300 kW and 600 Nm, you are sure to enjoy a very moving experience.

The BMW 650i has an aura that represents the word “lustrous” and when seen up close, might bring to the imagination thoughts of a fiery stallion only fit for the best of knights. Its sleek presence is muscle-bound, yet athletic. And the BMW 650i has a design brief that has an elegant way of letting the onlooker know that this is a car that is a little more special, a little more than ordinary and a little more than fast.
Proportioned beautifully like an hourglass-figured lady, yet fashioned with the power of a masculine torso, the BMW 650i is a superbly designed machine that has had the very best German engineers hard at work behind the scenes. The chrome finishing, streamlined alloys and the elegant lines portray a car of formidable pace and grace. And the “proof is in the pudding “. Press the pedal hard to the floor, and your 650i is going to move. The BMW 650i Convertible catapults to 100 km/h in 5.0 seconds and is governed to a top speed of 155mph (250 km/h ). Obviously, the 650i Coupe is similar in acceleration and similar in sound as the twin-turbo V8 rumbles into business mode.

Recently, I read that car tuning gurus from Schnitzer in Germany only slightly tweaked the power of the BMW650i M and did away with the electronic speed limiter to find that their car was able to hit around 325 km/h – such is the potential of this wolf in sheep’s guise. The new BMW 650i has a 4.4-litre V8 offering 300 kW of power and a very healthy 600 Nm of torque from between 1750–4500 rpm.
Whispering quietly when driven sedately yet bursting forth with a fantastic V8 growl when pressed hard, the BMW 650i is almost heavenly for experiencing the sheer exhilaration befitting a sports car of such a fine and legendary racing pedigree. Equipped with the latest eight-speed automatic, the shifts are quick and direct.

Ride quality is off the top shelf, as you would expect, and remains very nicely balanced. Scintillating levels of grip can be accessed when pushing the BMW 650i hard through corners. This car is no tin box, weighing in at over two tonnes, but it has an athleticism combined with solidity which stems from a level of craftsmanship typical of German engineering excellence. Even the solid build quality and strong appearance of a German car like the BMW 650i goes a long way towards making the driver feel secure.

Inside the cabin, you have an opulence and lavishness that befits this motorway stormer. The multi-function leather seats in the BMW 650i offer wonderful levels of comfort and support, and are designed to be sat in for long periods – which is, of course, what one wants to do in this car. Each of the front seats is electronically adjustable and the driver has a memory seat included.
Each BMW 650i has voice control and a BMW business radio/CD player as standard. The sound is crystal clear and comes from the hi-fi loudspeaker system. A rather pleasant option, in my book, is the ability to purchase a heated steering wheel at an extra cost, of course.

The fabulous looking BMW 650i can be enjoyed in Coupe or Convertible form and sits beautifully on 18-inch alloys; however, the fatter 19-inch alloys accentuate the car’s power even better. If you are in the league for buying a GT car in this price bracket, the BMW 650i is a superb drive.

The current model series includes the:

  • 650i Coupe
  • 650i Convertible

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