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Mercedes Benz S320 CDI

If you think the Mercedes S320 cdi looks good in white (which it does), you should see what it looks like in black.

If you are on the lookout for an upmarket, late model European car, then I suggest you take a serious look at the new Mercedes Benz S320 CDI. You might be pleasantly surprised that this car is well priced. For a little more, than the standard Toyota Camry, Holden Commodore, Ford Falcon, Nissan Maxima, or even your small BMW or medium-sized Citroen and Peugeot, you could be driving a sleek German mile muncher that has a significant jump in status over the more mundane competition.

First impressions are very good. The car looks great – especially when finished in black. Few cars match its good looks. Slip inside the luxury cabin, and you’ll find that the Merc is suitably roomy. Get a measuring tape out, and you’ll find that the length of the Mercedes Benz S320 CDI is over five metres long. You can opt for the long wheelbase version, and the length will stretch to 5206 mm. As the width of the car is 1871 mm, the new Mercedes Benz S-320 CDI has actually grown by 16 mm. Yes, the car has serious on road presence – particularly with its bulges in all the right places. The alloys are beautiful, and it sits on low profile R17 rubber. Its high waistline, and low roofline, make its low profile exterior very sporty, indeed.

The smooth German engine is very hard to fault. Being a diesel, the Mercedes Benz S320 CDI has some useful torque which kicks in at a very low engine speed, and the fat torque curve makes for very quick, effortless overtaking. This is no surprise, as the maximum twist will peak out at an incredible 540 Nm. No wonder it claws at the road ahead! Top speed is a useful 235 km/h, and, if it interests you, the dash from a standstill takes only 8.2 seconds. You can liken the Mercedes Benz S320 CDI to a cheetah closing in on a gazelle. The speed with which this car covers the ground is quite exceptional. You’ll be delighted in the way the car handles, and the taut suspension is super capable of holding the car very nicely to the tarmac and making this is an enthusiast’s drive. You will have many, many hours of reliable, sporty enjoyment.

But what’s it like for the occupants in the back seat? Do they have room to move? Will the kids be so tightly packed together they’ll get on each other’s nerves? No, I don’t think so. The bum seat room is good, leg room is good, and so too is the shoulder room. And anyway, they’ll be too busy watching dad zip past the next car in front! All occupants will enjoy electric windows, crystal clear sound from the audio unit, satellite navigation (If dad opts for this one.), keyless entry, climate control that takes care of all occupants’ needs, and even, as an optional extra, a DVD to keep the kids happy in the back seat. Mum, of course, will enjoy the vanity mirror. She’ll enjoy moving her front seat back and forwards… electrically of course. And the heated electric seats will keep mum and dad’s bum warm as the temperature outside cools down.

The materials used in the car’s interior are of a very high standard. The team of designers have created an interior that is very pleasant, classy and very smart. The seats are leather, and the smooth dash design is ergonomic.

On a global scale, and in automotive circles, diesel is very definitely the way ahead for the next decade or so. So, go and grab yourself a Mercedes Benz S320 CDI. You’ll be pleased you did.

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  • Mercedes Benz S320 CDI

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