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Mercedes Benz GLE 500e

Mercedes Benz GLE 500e

If I had a bit of money to splash around and wanted to own a new SUV, the Mercedes Benz GLE range would be in my shortlist.  I like the way the GLE range holds itself on the road, and the car’s presence is unsurpassed.  For those who do a lot of driving around the city, the latest Mercedes Benz GLE 500e might be a God-send because other petrol models in the GLE range can be thirsty around town.  Hybrid technology does offer phenomenal savings – not to mention the low-to-no emissions.

When you need an SUV-type vehicle that looks amazing, provides the ultimate in luxury and style, and combines the best performance and economy, then the Mercedes Benz GLE 500e offers it all in spades.  Lathering on the creamy spread of fine luxury features, you really feel special on-board the advanced GLE 500e.  Stylish accented leather seats with plenty of head, shoulder and leg room make certain that your journey will be comfortable.

The Mercedes Benz GLE 500e is powered by a V6 petrol engine combined with an electric motor for cruising the city on electric power for the most part, occasionally engaging the added petrol power when quick acceleration is required.  Excellent fuel economy around town is guaranteed.  Boasting 650 Nm of torque is a statement in its own right, and the power plant is exceptionally flexible, offering instant response from low down in the range right through to the upper ends of the engine limits.  As you can imagine, the Mercedes Benz GLE 500e is no slouch and can mix it with the best of them for high speed touring and spirited driving.  You can actually get from standstill to 100 clicks in a little over five seconds.  The ride quality is exceptionally good, and thanks to the wonders of air-suspension you are really comfortable inside one of these machines.

Styling has been tweaked for the new GLE range (Which replaces the M-Class, basically.), and the grille is big and bold, housing the iconic Mercedes Benz logo in no uncertain terms.  LED driving lights look fantastic and modernized; while the large GLE dimensions are cleverly hidden behind some streamlined lines that are muscle-bound and athletic.  Rear design tweaks have ensured that the finished exterior work is exceptional and eye-catching; but then, what Mercedes Benz doesn’t look great?

Mercedes Benz GLE 500e Interior

Inside the Mercedes Benz GLE 500e is plenty of space.  Lifting the boot up electronically, the luggage space is hugely accommodating.  You’ll find the GLE a great travelling companion for you and the whole family, with loads of room in the back seats.  Set into the boot floor is a compartment that houses the hybrid plug-in equipment necessary for charging up the battery from home or at a roadside power-up station.  It takes around two hours to charge up the car.  The plugin socket is located neatly under the taillight.  The Lithium- ion battery is located over the back wheels and though weighty, doesn’t affect the chassis dynamics all that much.

Lots of leather materials, chrome and piano-black trims greet you when you climb inside the Mercedes Benz GLE 500e.  It goes without saying that you are really comfortable.  Beautiful quilted leather seats make you feel very special on-board this luxury SUV.

Driver modes are provided – one being E-mode which prioritizes electric motor travel over petrol power.  Getting underway when the electric motors are powering the vehicle is amazingly quiet and all you can here is the tyres rolling over the road surface.  Power is very strong and is put down on the road via a seven-speed auto and full-time AWD.  The combo is really nice and really smooth.  Paddle shifters give the driver the fun of manually changing the gears as well.

When you want to head off the road for a bit of exploration and adventure, the Mercedes Benz GLE 500e obliges with some very good off-road ability and 4WD mechanical credentials.

Clearly hybrid technology is the way forward.  An iconic machine that has reinvented the lable SUV and with the hybrid model, the Mercedes Benz GLE 500e leads the way.  Don’t forget to check out the Volvo XC90 T8 alternative, too.

The brand new Mercedes Benz GLE 500e models include the:

  • GLE 500e

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