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E-Class Sedan Next Generation

Up to the next level, is how I’d best describe the very modern next generation Mercedes Benz E-Class Sedan. A more arrow-like bonnet with angular, meaner looking headlights and big, bold, and important air intakes in an extruding front air dam look sensational. Side skirts run the length of the new E-Class Sedan’s wheelbase. Some very elegant detailing work runs in a chiselled, aerodynamic form along the door panels. This is the most beautiful E-Class Sedan that I’ve seen. All the proportions are right, while the design cues boldly hint towards plenty of luxury and plenty of performance.

The next generation Mercedes Benz E-Class Sedan not only offers a completely comfortable ride, but the exquisite driving nature of the car is hard to fault. That’s why you’re dealing with the best mid-size sedan. It’s every bit as good as an Audi and BMW equivalent.

So what moves the latest E-Class Sedan evolution? There are some notable new engines; namely a brand new turbo, four-cylinder power plant that is fed with petrol. This engine is now 2.0-litre in its capacity, so the 1.8-litre, outgoing engine, is no longer. Another interesting tit-bit about the 135 kW E200 and 155 kW E250 is that the 2.0-litre based engines are more economical on fuel than the older 1.8-litre engines. Another very tempting proposition in the E-Class Sedan line-up is the all new Mercedes Benz E400. The rip-snorting new Twin-Turbo V6 petrol engine knows how to apply the power, and the new engine looks to replace both the V8 E500 and the V6 E350. If you’re not aware of it yet, the world’s best V8 in the form of the shatteringly quick new Mercedes Benz E 63 AMG S is also sold new in Australia. An incredible 430 kW is on offer, though there is a new HSV engine that’s promising similar power.

Diesel clout for the next generation E-Class is in the form of three 2.2- litre CDI engines, one of which uses hybrid technology. An amazing 4.2 litres/100 km for average fuel economy on the hybrid model is almost out of this world. Even the two other diesel engines are able to move the medium-to-large sedan with a combined fuel economy figure below 5 litres/100 km.

Riding in the cabin of the next generation E-Class Sedan reveals the elegance of trim and the opulence of the very finest materials that make the journey a “feel good” experience. One of the hallmarks of Mercedes Benz luxury is that the interiors of all the Mercedes models boast all the premium materials and features in a simplistic and perfectly functional way. A number of beautiful wooden veneer and leather upholstery combinations are available, while a silver-lined analogue clock is positioned in the centre of the dash. What a classy look! Above the clock is a high definition information display screen, through which you can keep in contact with Bluetooth, stream your favourite music tracks or just enjoy keeping up with the progress of your journey with the satellite navigation system. Zoned climate control is a feature on new E-Class models, while optional for all next generation E-Class Sedans is a superb entertainment package for rear seat passengers. The rear seat entertainment system features a DVD player, two 17.8 cm TFT colour screens on the front-seat head restraints, two infrared headphones and many connection options such as Aux-in, USB or SD card interface. You can watch films or connect a game console while on the road. Rear passengers can even watch live television.

One of the newest bits of wizardry on the new E-Class Sedan is the forward-facing video camera which recognizes the danger of a collision with another vehicle approaching too fast on a side street. After recognizing the danger, the system reacts accordingly to slow the vehicle down. This fancy safety equipment also boasts pedestrian recognition and active lane-keeping. More than amazing is the ability of the new E-Class range to steer around gentle curves without any hand on the steering wheel. Clear road markings are required for this Distronic Plus active feature to function properly. If you have your hands off the steering wheel (don’t ask me why you’d want to do this), the E-Class delivers a loud warning to make you put your hands back in control. Cars from Mercedes-Benz have a host of other safety systems to prevent accidents, however, should the worst come to the worst, a complete range of occupant safety equipment is activated.

If you’re in the dark, and you see what looks to be some giant, gleaming cats eyes coming towards you, it is likely to be the gorgeous, slim LED headlights on a new E-Class. Get a closer look at this next generation E-Class Sedan, and be enthralled with the way this stunning machine moves, glides and protects.

The current next generation Mercedes Benz E-Class models include the:

  • E 220 CDI
  • E 250 CDI
  • E 300 BlueTEC HYBRID
  • E 200
  • E 250
  • E 400
  • E 63 AMG S

For any more information on the next generation Mercedes Benz E-Class or, for that matter, any other new car, contact one of our friendly consultants on 1300 303 181. If you’d like some fleet discount pricing (yes even for private buyers!), we can submit vehicle quote requests out to our national network of Mercedes Benz dealers and come back with pricing within 24 hours. Private Fleet – car buying made easy!

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