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Mercedes Benz E 350e

Mercedes Benz E 350e

Building on something that has already been made well must be a headache for designers and engineers but it’s what keeps us going forwards and pointing us in the right direction.  After all, new technology gets us to the moon, mars and beyond.  A car that has been made very well is the E-Class.  Over the years the E-Class has been a benchmark car for others to aspire to.  New for 2017 and full of new technology, the Mercedes-Benz E 350e still leads the way forward.

Hybrid technology is a knowhow that has put very low fuel consumption for city driving and very low emissions a reality for everyday drivers.  Out on the open road, the hybrid technology gives way to more conventional powering options; however the extra cost of a hybrid car is justified when considering commuting in congested slow moving traffic.  Being able to run completely on electric motors is not only great for the environment and the wallet but it’s also quiet and relaxing in what can be a hectic drive to work or dash across town.  The drive, of course is always first class and very enjoyable in the new Mercedes-Benz E 350e, however.

Mercedes Benz E 350e Interior

New luxury cars like the Mercedes-Benz E 350e are really moving super computers that are loaded with an amazing array of technology that is designed to accommodate occupants in comfort, safety and performance.  The Mercedes-Benz E 350e is a big roomy saloon that accommodates its passengers very well in the highly appointed cabin with leather seats.  Leg room is very good for the class, while the ride quality is one of the best you’ll experience in this price range.  You can really appreciate the quiet interior that stops outside noises intruding into the opulent E-Class cabin experience.

The latest E-Class generation of cars have been completely redesigned, and now with the edition of the hybrid Mercedes-Benz E 350e, the E-Class range is complete.  Taking a closer look at what drives the E 350e helps us to appreciate life with a new Mercedes-Benz E 350e.  The petrol-electric powertrain pairs a 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine with an electric motor to emit an impressive official CO2 figure of just 49g/km – which is even better than the standard Toyota Prius hybrid car!  Being a plug-in hybrid, the Mercedes-Benz E 350e is easy to charge up from your home and can be driven extensively around town on 100% electricity.  If you own a Mercedes-Benz E 350e and do a whole lot of inner city motoring, then you will really appreciate the low running costs.  However, if your commute entails lots of open road work and intercity jaunts, then the hybrid part of the powertrain will be redundant because the batteries soon become depleted and it simply becomes a very heavy petrol-powered car.  The hybrid-motor whisks you along silently down city streets on a clean torque wave that’s available instantly from a standstill.  Brisk take-offs are achieved from 0-50 km/h but you do need to be careful not to engage the petrol engine – as will be the case if you floor the accelerator.

Four driving modes are provided for the driver to choose between, including Hybrid mode, which cleverly recovers energy on the brakes to recharge the power pack and boost the driving range.  E-Save mode lets you hold onto the energy stored in the battery until you need it most, while E-Mode selects electric driving and prioritizes it over any petrol power.  One thing to keep in mind, though; if you love the new E-Class style, luxury and performance and do big miles on the open road, then the diesel versions will most likely be the best buys for you.

With that in mind then, the Mercedes-Benz E 350e is a gem of a car.  Riding in one of these to the board room meeting is really relaxed and quiet.  The ride quality of the E-Class is exceptionally comfortable over any type of road, and bumps are well and truly soaked up – particularly with those models offering the highly acclaimed air-suspension.  Suspensions on the new E-Class are well sorted and chassis dynamics are really good.  There is a load of grip to be had when you want to enjoy the full 210 kW on offer with the E 350e.  You can still whisk your way up to 250 km/h with ease and dash from 0-100 km/h in a bit over 6 seconds if the mood takes you.

Electronic gadgetry and wizardry is prolific inside the new E-Class, and along with climate control, adaptive cruise control, accident avoidance systems and park assist, you have an array of features to inform and entertain you on your drive.

Apart from the charging socket which is located on the back bumper underneath the taillight, the blue brake callipers and a few logos, the Mercedes-Benz E 350e looks identical to the rest of the E-Class range from the outside.

The brand new Mercedes Benz E 350e models include the:

  • E 350e

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