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S-Class Petrol

Mercedes Benz S-Class

Mercedes Benz S-Class

Very smooth and seductively sexy, the Mercedes Benz S-Class looks special the moment you set eyes on the large saloon’s curves.  New for this model, is the play on convex and concave panel surfaces, which has created a very special-looking luxury machine.  As with many of the new large luxury saloons, the latest Mercedes Benz S-Class has two lines of engines: Diesel and Petrol.  What we are looking at in this article is the series of engines used to power the petrol versions of the new S-Class.  Do take a look at the review on the S-Class V6 Diesel, which you’ll find on Private Fleet’s car reviews page.

There is power aplenty in the Mercedes Benz S-Class Petrol models.  As you would expect, the acceleration of all versions is breath-taking – while the AMG version stuns with commanding performance.  The ultimate luxury sports saloon is found in none other than the Mercedes Benz S-Class S 63 AMG.

All S-Class petrol versions offer V8 performance, and even the base standard engine used in the S 500 and S 500 L has 335 kW of peak muscle power to play with.  You can be gliding down the highway in a relaxed fashion, and then be passed the slower vehicles in a flash.  All they’ll see is the striking LED taillight design streaking off in the distance.  The direct petrol injection and two compact turbochargers with intercooling aid the swift acceleration, while accurate piezo injectors are part of the special BlueEFFICIENCY technologies used in the new Mercedes V8 engines.  Labelled as a BlueDIRECT engine for efficiency, a maximum torque of 700 Nm packs the heftiest punch in the V8’s class.  Boasting ECO stop/start technology means you’ll save fuel when running through congested city traffic.  Mercedes claim a combined fuel consumption figure of 9.2 litres/100 km.

Out on its own, well ahead of the competition, is the brand new Mercedes Benz S 63 AMG V8 engine.  Torque maximum is 900 Nm, and this is accessible from between 2250 and 3750 rpm.  As you can imagine, the thrust from the flagship Mercedes Benz S-Class model is unmatched.  New technologies found in the AMG S-Class include the NANOSLIDE lining of the cylinder sleeves and the kinetic energy recuperation during braking and coasting.  The ECO start/stop function is also included in the AMG package and it’s this type of technology that saves you money at the fuel pump – not to mention emission pollutants.

As far as interior room goes, the cabin of the Mercedes Benz S-Class is as large as they come, particularly in the Long Wheelbase version; it is a big car.  Thankfully, with all the parking sensors and aids, it isn’t a difficult sedan to park.  Luggage capacity in the boot of the standard versions is 510 litres, not anything I’d skite about but useful enough anyway.  The Long Wheelbase S-Class versions have a slightly bigger boot space, resulting in 530 litres of luggage-swallowing prowess.

Mercedes Benz S-Class Interior

Mercedes Benz S-Class Interior

The dashboard is super elegant and I’d have to say the nicest blend of luxury and contemporary mix on the market, at present.  A lovely option is the dash surface to be trimmed in leather with indented diagonal criss-cross patterns – it’s very wow!  Another new feature is the S-Class instrument cluster that offers a new digital dimension.  All displays are in high resolution and in colour on a 31.2-centimetre multifunction display.  Clarity is superb, and the white digits on black background are very smart.

Standard on all late S-Class models is a HANDS-FREE ACCESS system that conveniently opens, starts and locks the vehicle.  All you have to do is carry the electronic key.  Contact-free and fully automatic opening and closing of the boot is part of the system’s capability.  With a kicking motion beneath the rear bumper, the boot lid can be automatically opened and closed.

All of the best luxury and technology is on-board each new Mercedes Benz S-Class Saloons.  Featured on the COMAND Online screen, in the centre of the dash, is a very special universal interface that lets you easily connect portable media players such as iPod or iPhone systems.  Music from the media players is played through the infotainment system and the sound is sublime.  Select the portable media player option; and all audio tracks can be played, videos can played off the iPod and iPhone, album selection via Cover Art is accessible; the album cover for the track currently played can be displayed; artist, title and album name for the track currently playing is displayed as well as the status of the track played; selection from category lists; random playback is possible; a charging function for the portable equipment is available; a keyword search in the metadata is available and can be voice-operated.

Safety in an S-Class Saloon is always going to be the best available, and all of the active and passive safety equipment are part of a complete safety system to protect all occupants in the event of an accident.  There are monitoring sensors for accident avoidance on-board the S-Class Saloon, as well.  The car can slow down and stop if it senses a potential collision.  Lane reading software helps to keep you travelling on the right side of the road.  It’s loaded!

For sheer driving pleasure, ride quality and comfort, the new Mercedes Benz S-Class Petrol luxury sedans can’t be beaten.

Current Mercedes Benz S-Class Petrol models include the:

  • S 500
  • S 500 Long Wheelbase
  • S 63 AMG

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