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2018 A200 1.3

2018 Mercedes Benz A200

Ever heard the words of Lord Byron: “She walks in beauty, like the night.  Of cloudless climes and starry skies”?  Maybe he was referring to the snazzy 2018 Mercedes Benz styling.  On the front of the new A-Class is a bold bright three-pointed star, and it would have to be said that the new A-Class A200 is one of the more elegant small hatchbacks on the market.

It’s often said by various car reviewers that the Mercedes Benz’s main luxury competitors are BMW and Audi, but I think a broadening of the horizon reveals that there are other highly desirable hatchbacks that would test this status quo.  How about the Alfa Romeo alternative, Volvo V40, Lexus CT, Infiniti Q30 or Citroen DS3?  These are all fabulous cars in their own right and make up the reasons why Mercedes have to be on their A-game.

Mercedes Benz’s A-game includes that of their latest offering in the form of the A-Class.  Make no mistake; this is a very fine, roomy A200 hatchback with all the style you’ll ever need to impress your occupants and grouchy neighbours.  It’s now into its third generation, and you might be able to remember the very first upright small A-Class that looked a little frumpy and wasn’t all that appealing on the eye.  Fast forward to 2018, and the A200 has no resemblance whatsoever to the first A-Class; actually, no resemblance even to the outgoing model.  Streamlined, lowered and even better cabin space makes the suave new A-Class extremely good looking.

The latest A-Class signifies a fresh take on the premium Mercedes Benz hatchback recipe.  It’s bigger than before, but it still offers better economy and emissions thanks to improved aerodynamics and engine efficiency.  Bigger, lower and more aggressive styling has been streamlined to look so good on the eye, helping you to fantasize about blasting through the B-roads and having fun sunny days whipping along the waterfront to work.  Yes, the styling recipe has the big tick.

New technology for the A-Class includes things like slimmer, meaner LED headlights, flatter body panelling, bigger taillights with more angular lines, three-way split folding seats that fold flat, more room in the rear seats, rear cup holders and a rear arm rest.

But what really is absolutely incredible is the front part of the cabin in the new A-Class where the dash design is the new benchmark.  In the centre of the dash are the three silver, circular air vents which swivel and control air flow, but across the driver’s side half of the dash is a huge digital display screen that is very classy and again sets new standards.  The steering wheel is once again beautiful, with mounted switchgear for controlling the driver’s digital instrument display.  The attention to detail has leapt forward again, and the step up dash is lovely.

2018 Mercedes Benz A200


Voice recognition, digital dials and large display screens help amplify the luxury-tech experience.  A Head-Up display; and what about the touchpad on the centre console where you can intuitively control the information shown on the multimedia display just like on a smartphone.  The touchpad can even recognise your handwriting should you wish to enter addresses or phone numbers silently.  All absolutely cool!

Safety options for the A200 are superb with features like active distance assist control, adaptive cruise control, Traction control, auto braking functions, pedestrian recognition, blind spot monitoring, lane assist and the full array of front, side and curtain airbags.  On the road, the new A-Class feels really in touch with the road, enjoyable to drive and smooth.  I’ll add here that the new satellite navigation display is a real safety feature because the directions are overlaid to the image ahead that the cameras are picking up ahead of the car in real time, so you’ll never make a wrong turn again.  Try it, and you’ll buy it!

Why not comment on another cool new safety feature – the changing lane assist.  Like in the S-Class, the new A-Class has Lane Assist, but the Lane assist has the ability to use its sensors if you use the indicator to change lanes and do the whole manoeuvre safely for you so that there is no moving into another car’s space anymore.

In Australia, we are getting the new A200 as the first model to buy.  Available as standard and with optional packages like: the Vision package upgrade which ups the head lighting and cabin ambience, audio upgrade for even more amazing sound, the seat comfort package which adds heated seats, and there is even various AMG Sports and Exclusive packages to really make your new A-Class a head-turner.

As standard you do get to enjoy two seven-inch infotainment screens, as well as DAB radio and satellite navigation, real-time traffic information, a wide range of active safety equipment and a brand new A-Class unique seven-speed automatic gearbox, although a manual will be offered later.

Under the bonnet lies a 1.3-litre turbo petrol engine which is nippy (0-100 km/h in less than 7 seconds) and capable of returning around 5.5 litres/100 km – on average.  Mercedes has set the A-Class standard with a comfortable ride being priority.  Boot space is a handy 370 litres, and should you need more space the rear seats fold flat to offer as much as 1210 litres when needed.  Loaded up and with three or four other occupants on board, you’ll be surprised at how the 1.3 litre engine copes manfully with its duties, while the suspension is right up to the task.

What we have here is the new benchmark hatchback, and the good news is that it has arrived in Australia.  There will be more models added into the mix (diesel, awd, electric and more petrol versions) as time goes by, but for now let’s enjoy this breath-taking A-Class hatchback from Mercedes.

The new 2018 Mercedes Benz A200 walks in beauty, like the night.  Of cloudless climes and starry skies the three-point hatch will move you by.  If I were an A-Class rival, oh my, oh my!

2018 Mercedes Benz A200

The 2018 Mercedes Benz A200 model series includes the:

  • A200 1.3 Turbo

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