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2024 Mercedes Benz EQE Sedan

2024 Mercedes Benz EQE Sedan exterior white
The sleek new 2024 Mercedes Benz EQE sedan.

Mercedes Benz cars look pretty aerodynamic these days, with rounded corners and low, sleek rooflines being a mainstay of the new sedan and coupe design.  Even around the grille, headlight, and front air dam, there is little obstruction for the smooth flow of air around and over the car while in motion.  Perhaps the model epitomizing this phenomenon is the very latest Mercedes Benz EQE Sedan.

The EQ vehicles aren’t a new breed as such because Mercedes Benz have done quite a few EQ models since the very first EQC arrived on the scene.  These cars are fully electric vehicles (EVs), and each new EQ car comes with even better technology than before.  The 2024 Mercedes Benz EQE Sedan thus boasts all the best battery tech that Mercedes Benz currently has on tap, and they are definitely a car that makes a snobby statement in any carpark these days. 

Let’s just say that the new EQE Sedans have a bit of elegance about them compared with, say, a BYD Seal or MG4 Hatch, or maybe it’s just to do with them being a status symbol in much the same way as a Tesla.  All of these cars, however, run on electricity alone, with no alternative fuel for power.  These don’t produce emissions as they travel down the road, aside from the fact they may have made a fair few in their production process, and the electricity may or may not be entirely emission free (but that’s another story for another time). 

In Australia, early 2024 sees Mercedes Benz offering the new EQE Sedan in three variants.  The base model EQE300 Sedan costs around $135,000 new (at the time of writing), comes as a rear-wheel-drive car, and can put up to 180 kW on the tarmac for speed and motion.  No less than 10 airbags are at the ready should the new EQE need them all in an accident, though with all the active safety features working to avoid a crash in the first place, the chances of setting these off are slim.  Still, it’s comforting to know that the 2024 Mercedes Benz EQE Sedan comes with a full five-star ANCAP safety rating.

One of the most expensive things to replace over time in a car of this type (an EV) is the battery, along with the larger beefed-up tyres that are required to handle the massive power loads and extra weight of an EV.  The new EQE300 Sedan has an 89 kWh battery pack that Mercedes Benz has covered with a 10 year/250,000 km warranty.  When new, these cars are capable of covering over 600 km on a full charge.  If you can access an electron portal that is a DC fast charger, it can take 32 minutes to get you topped up from 10% to 80%.  An 11 kW AC fast charger can top you up in 8 hours and 15 minutes, while a standard wall socket charger at home or at the workplace will get you charged up (the car that is) in 45 hours and 45 minutes (almost two days).  With most urban dwellers not covering vast distances in a day, it should see you through your weekly commuting requirements for work, and you can then park it up for the weekend for a long charge in the garage, making it fully ready for another 500–600-odd km the following week.

The 180 kW of power on tap is enough to send the 2024 Mercedes Benz EQE300 Sedan from 0 to 100 km/h in around 7.5 seconds.  If you get yourself into the EQE350 version, which costs a little more (about $155k new), then its twin electric motors and AWD puts out 215 kW and will thus send you down the road at a quicker pace than the EQE300.  The battery pack is rated at 90.5 kWh and is enough to keep you going for well over 500 km on a full charge.

There is an AMG version as well and it’s this third model, the Mercedes Benz EQE 53 AMG Sedan, which has a whopping 460 kW available via the AWD system that will see you sprint through the 0–100 km/h in 3.14 seconds should you feel the need.  Or it can accelerate from 80 km/h through to 120 km/h in 1.99 seconds.  You should be able to get close to 500 km on a charge if you don’t get too addicted to the speed buzz.  Moreover, 950 Nm of torque happens instantaneously should you need the lot all at once.  All of the figures for the AMG version are quite some feat, considering that the car weighs 2450 kg. 

The Mercedes Benz EQE 53 AMG Sedan can be yours for around $215k, and it uses 21-inch rims all round, shod with 265 rubber on the front and 295 rubber on the back.  The car runs on an Airmatic suspension (air springs), so the ride is quite sublime for a sports car.  All the brakes have been uprated to AMG performance levels, and the 4-wheel steering system, along with the huge brakes, do a nice job of taming physics and allowing the nearly 2.5 tonnes of sport/luxury sedan to take the turns at insane speeds.

2024 Mercedes Benz EQE Sedan interior
2024 Mercedes Benz EQE Sedan interior

Inside any Mercedes Benz EQE Sedan, there is a full-width digital dash display screen that has most of the car’s infotainment functions and settings from the radio, news feeds, communication, satellite navigation, heating and cooling functions and zoning for the cabin air temperature etc.  All this can be accessed at the touch or gesture of the hand, or via voice control.  Your seat heater controls are on the doors.  Down the side of the seat are buttons for your seat adjustment.  On the steering wheel, there is one button for drive mode selection, and another for ride and handling.  The active cruise control system has various distances you can preset for your preference, so you can simply change from four car lengths to the car in front to one car length. 

The Burmester sound system is rather special, particularly in an EV.  I won’t say the EQE Sedan is entirely quiet, because there is still some road noise and air turbulence that can be heard from inside the cabin.  A new EQE 53 AMG Sedan road-tested overseas in NZ had a reading of around 70 decibels at 100 km/h.  By comparison, the new Honda CR-V hybrid read 71.9 decibels inside its cabin at 100 km/h. 

Do check out the latest BMW i5 as well if you are in quest of a new German EV.  The Mercedes Benz EQE Sedan also has the Audi e-Tron to contend with as well.  Both the Audi and BMW are slightly more expensive.  For similar performance, however, the new MG4 XPower Hatch or the BYD Seal Performance Sedan can keep pace with the quickest Mercedes Benz EQE 53 AMG Sedan for around a quarter of the price, so things are obviously hotting up on the competition front.  You’re spoilt for choice!

2024 Mercedes Benz EQE Sedan exterior rear
2024 Mercedes Benz EQE Sedan – on its way.

The new Mercedes Benz EQE Sedan models include the:

  • EQE 300 Sedan RWD
  • EQE 350 Sedan AWD
  • EQ E53 AMG Sedan AWD

For any more information on the new Mercedes Benz EQE Sedan, for that matter any other new car, contact one of our friendly consultants on 1300 303 181.  If you’d like some fleet discount pricing (yes even for private buyers!), we can submit vehicle quote requests out to our national network of Mercedes Benz dealers and come back with pricing within 24 hours.  Private Fleet – car buying made easy!