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C-Class Diesel Sedan

Mercedes Benz C-Class Diesel Sedan

Mercedes Benz C-Class Diesel Sedan

When you have to decide between which is the better of a number of top diesel sedans, sometimes tough choices come down to a gut feeling.  Some of the best luxury, medium-size diesel sedans come from the BMW, Mazda, Ford, Audi, Jaguar, Peugeot, Renault and Mercedes manufacturers.  There seems to be good weighty pros, and not so many cons, for purchasing any of the diesel powered sedans from these manufacturers.  But if the price wasn’t a factor, then BMW, Volvo, Jaguar or Mercedes Benz Diesel Sedans are very hard to pass by.  I think if you were on a tighter budget, then the Mazda6 2.2 diesel sedan is a nice comfortable drive that looks good and goes great. Obviously Ford’s 2.0 TDCI diesel in the Mondeo, and the two alternatives from France, offer a great drive, economy and packaging too.  But if I was to have to choose the top dog, then I would give my vote to the well-crafted Mercedes Benz C-Class Diesel range.  Let’s take a closer look.

Cast your eye over the lines of the new C-Class Diesel Sedan, and the design speaks for itself.  Mercedes have captured a lovely blend of beauty and muscle in the C-Class design, and the crimp line that sweeps from the big grill, over the sleek headlights and down the car’s waistline, and then  finishing at the rear doors sweetly leaves the onlooker falling in love.  Another crimp line between wheel arches and low down the bodywork gives the C-Class design cues extra muscle, providing a look equivalent to side skirts.  The C-Class Diesel sedans also have a deep front air dam that houses big air flow voids that are aggressive in their intentions.  Slip inside the Merc, and the interior of the C-Class Diesels will take your breath away.

Yes, the new Mercedes Benz C-Class cars are awesome lookers, but there are some other features to which you’ll become quite attached to in your years of happy ownership.  The 2015 C-Class comes with an optional AIRMATIC suspension delivering superior comfort, and a ride that will soak up the worst that road undulations and irregularities can throw at you.  The air suspension has the ability to raise up 20 mm for uneven road surfaces, while also the suspension can be lowered a further 15 mm from normal for a more sporty drive.  Combine the lowered suspension height with Mercedes Benz Agility Select, and you have a very advanced mid-size sedan that rules the road.  Long trips inside a C-Class Diesel are quiet, and comfortable, ensuring that you will arrive at your destination in top shape.

Engines offered for the new C-Class Diesel Sedan range are all silky performers.  Two engines are offered.  One is a 1.6-litre and the other is a 2.0-litre.  Incredibly, the performance from the C 200d 1.6 Litre is impressive.  No less than 320 Nm of torque is available from as low as 1500 rpm through to 3000 rpm.  The 7G-Tronic-Plus Transmission keeps the engine in the optimum zone for the performance demanded by the driver.  The C 200d is agile and beautifully planted on the road, and while there are many quicker sedans out there, the 0-100 km/h sprint time of 10.2 seconds feels swift and effortless.  A maximum power of 100 kW at 3800 rpm can be accessed easily when a quick squirt of power is needed for overtaking slower traffic, and the car is capable of making a limited top speed of 210 km/h – though in reality this is of little value.  Remarkable fuel economy is promised, with a combined fuel consumption figure below 5 litres/100 km.

A definitive lift in power and performance can be found if you opt for the larger, 2143cc C 250d.  Torque leaps to a class leading 500 Nm at a very low 1600 rpm through to 1800 rpm.  Like the smaller C-Class Diesel Sedan, the C 250d has been limited to a top speed of 210 km/h.  What you will notice once the road opens up before you is very quick acceleration and fast, lusty performance.  This is definitely the model if you demand plenty of power and performance.  Endless power is smooth and on tap whatever the road speed.  Mercedes Benz promise a 0-100 km/h will be completed in under seven seconds, and this is very believable when you experience the way the C 250d really can put that power down!  Both C-Class Diesel Sedans sit on big rubber tyres, with 225 mm on the front rims and 245 mm on the back rims.  The only difference between the two models is that the C 200d sits on 18-inch rims, while the C 250d’s are 19-inch {lower profile).

Mercedes Benz C-Class Diesel Sedan

Mercedes Benz C-Class Diesel Sedan Interior

Any occupants who may join you in the drive will really appreciate the way the C-Class Sedan looks out for their wellbeing.  Even travelling home in the dark, the C-Class cabin has a beautiful ambient light for a sophisticated yet warm environment for the journey.  Safety in all Mercedes Benz cars is paramount, and so you’ll find that the accident avoidance systems have their eyes open even when occupants may be nodding off.  Change lane detection warning signals are given for when the car is exiting its own lane.  If the car detects a possible collision, the car will brake for you.  There is a Head-Up Display which gives valuable information to the driver within their field of vision so as to keep the driver’s eyes on the road.  A full array of passive and active safety features are standard on the Mercedes Benz C-Class Diesel Sedan.

In the central console a touchpad lets you control key vehicle functions the same way you would control any standard touchpad.  C-Class is first class, and high quality sound, video and communication connectivity is the wonder of this new Merc.  Mercedes have always been good at high-end technology, but this new model feels like another step forward has been taken.

Drive the all-new Mercedes Benz C-Class Diesel Sedan, and experience how competent, fuel efficient and very mod the stylish German sedan is.

The current Mercedes Benz C-Class Diesel sedan models include the:

  • C 200 d
  • C 250 d

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