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2022 Mercedes Benz C300e PHEV

2022 Mercedes Benz C300e

Currently, when I imagine a car that’s at the edge of modernity, it’s cars like the 2021/2022 Mercedes Benz Hybrid variants that come to my mind.  I like to picture the particular Mercedes Benz, one that’s not too small, but caters well for a family of four, still has all the comfort and elegance, and delivers on all the latest technologies.  This, after all, has to be a premium package for the discerning motorist.  Yes – got it!  It would have to be the new range of C-Class models, and it would be the 2022 Mercedes Benz C300e to be exact.

Under the bonnet of the new C-Class models are some four-cylinder, turbocharged engines that all boast 48-volt, mild-hybrid technology, enabling an integrated starter-generator that facilitates gliding speeds, 15 kW/200 Nm power boosting, and better energy recovery roles.  The 2022 C-Class range begins with the 2.0-litre four-cylinders: 150 kW/300 Nm C200, and 190 kW/370 Nm C300.  This extends to the potent 287 kW/520 Nm 3.0-litre six-cylinder AMG C 43 with AWD, and the 375 kW/700 Nm AMG C 63 S 4.0-litre V8.

2022 Mercedes Benz C300e

But it is the PHEV version of the C-Class, available as a 155 kW/350 Nm 2.0-litre four-cylinder C 300 e hybrid that returns 2.6 litres/100 km that really floats my boat.  Combine this motor with the stunningly good looking C-Class sedan or station wagon and you have a car for the executive who wants to be at the forefront of motoring.

The exterior design of the new C-Class is beautifully proportioned, honed to perfection and capable of slipping through the air with an aerodynamic drag coefficient of 0.24Cd for the sedan.  A wagon version is also available with a 0.27Cd and, for me, I’m not quite sure which version looks better in the metal, though I do like the long and sloping roofline on the Estate.  The latest C-Class is riding on a wheelbase that is 25 mm longer (2865mm) than before.  Estate and sedan version of the C-Class measure 4751 mm in length, which is 65 mm longer for the sedan and 49 mm longer for the wagon compared with outgoing C-Class models.  The new C-Class takes up a wider stance on the road and in parking lots because it is now 1820 mm wide, 10 mm wider than its predecessor.  Also, the 2022 C-Class sedan sits 9 mm lower to the ground, giving it a sportier pose.

These larger dimensions add up to more space inside, so the front headroom and legroom remains pretty much the same, but the front shoulder room is up by 26 mm and rear headroom increases by 13 mm for the sedan.  The rear legroom also grows by 21 mm.

Mercedes-Benz offers the latest C-Class with a plug-in hybrid model (PHEV) with new technology and a 25.4 kWh battery to deliver an electric output of 95 kW/440 Nm.  This model, the C300e, also comes with a convincing EV range of around 100 km when travelling at speeds up to 140 km/h.  I might add, as a pleasant surprise, the C-Class Hybrid also gets a battery that can be charged to full capacity in just 30 minutes at the right charging station.  At home it can charge in around three hours.

C300e performance is swift, so if you want to plant the boot from a standstill, the 0-100 km/h sprint can be ticked off in around 5.5 seconds.  Top speed for the Mercedes Benz C300e is a smidgeon over 240 km/h.

There is only one drawback that I can see, the C300e shrinks the cargo carrying capacity that standard C-Class models provide.  Standard C-Class versions boast 140 litres more cargo space in the boot.  This is because the C300e has a big pack of batteries under the boot’s floor.  A VW Golf has a lot more boot space!  However, the new PHEV models fare better in this respect than outgoing versions because they rob less boot space and now make it possible to load lengthier items from the boot through a hatch in the rear seat. 2022 Mercedes Benz C300e sedans boast 350 litres of luggage space, up some 45 litres over the outgoing model.  The Hybrid station wagon offers up to 1375 litres, obviously once the rear seats have been folded flat.

Another feature that is music to the ear is Mercedes gives all the C300e models air suspension as standard.  This lifts the ride quality noticeably.  Weighing a lot more than a standard C-Class alternative, the C300e delivers an impeccable ride quality.  When driving the plug-in C-Class around town, you are rewarded with a smooth, quiet ride, with way less fidgeting when travelling over rough surfaces.  Well padded seats and materials also aid the sweetness of the new C300e driving experience, and that’s for all occupants, whether they are seated in the electronically controlled front seats or along the decent second row.  The back seats provide a good travelling environment for this class of car, and even leggy adults should find reasonable room back here.

2022 Mercedes benz C300e

The 2022 Mercedes Benz cabin styling is breath-taking.  Everywhere you look there is fine attention to detail, beautiful materials, and premium infotainment technology.  Interior design is at its best inside this C-Class, and you come away feeling totally impressed by its blend of style and opulence.  The C-Class environment is one that you want to go back to time and time again, which is a sign that the design team at Mercedes has got this cabin very right indeed.  I love the simple, yet elegant dash, the dazzling technology, the clarity of the dash displays, and the driver’s brilliant digital display behind the gorgeous multifunction steering wheel, which boasts touch sensing buttons.  The focal point of the whole dash is, of course, the huge touchscreen display.  You slip into the C300e driver’s seat, set your perfect driving position via the memory function, and then relax and enjoy the premium drive.

2022 Mercedes Benz C300e

AMG lines will get plenty of sporty trimmings, while premium versions will have ensured that you ride in the best Mercedes luxury, of course.  Expect Premium to accommodate features like an augmented head up display, semi-autonomous driving, and a stunning glass roof.

You won’t go unnoticed as you grace the streets in a brand new Mercedes Benz C-Class.  It is one of the nicest looking cars on the road, the design team having done a fantastic job of making it look very slick and very smooth.  This is the best mid-size executive car on the planet at the moment, so enjoy the ride!

2022 Mercedes Benz C300e

The 2022 Mercedes Benz C-Class models include the:

  • C200
  • C300
  • C43 AMG
  • C63 AMG S
  • C300e (PHEV)

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