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2019 Sprinter

2019 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van

Here is the brand new Mercedes Benz Sprinter.  A refined van that boasts plenty of high tech gadgetry and new designs that are impressive in what is classed a rugged work van.  There are plenty of options and differing models to suit your needs and tastes.  So let’s take a closer look.

Mercedes has tried to lift the bar in the van market with the introduction of the 2019 Sprinter.  And they have achieved this; yes, it’s still very much a van but a van with new levels of comfort, safety and infotainment technology.

The redesigned 2019 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter represents the third generation of a van that’s been on sale for almost two decades.  In that time, the Mercedes Benz Sprinter has provided buyers with a van with sometimes awkward European styling but always boasting a wide variety of practical options in the form of model variations, seating and cargo capacity.  Luxury versions have always been very comfortable and spacious.  So for 2019 we see that the Sprinter has developed into a nicely designed van with an extensive front nose, powerful engines and some special interior tech.

2019 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Passenger Seating Space

One of the areas that Mercedes has leapt forward with the latest Sprinter version is in the high level of technology that’s been introduced from its luxury cars into the vans.  Features like adaptive cruise control, autonomous emergency braking, and a 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment system is some very impressive kit that really does change the workday for owners driving a new Sprinter.  These features also start to make van rivals rather antiquated.  I love the MBUX voice recognition and abundant driver-assist features.  Your work day ends up feeling relaxed and more pampered inside the latest Sprinter from Mercedes.

2019 Mercedes Benz Sprinter

You can still get a base model new Sprinter van that offers a basic rear-wheel drive cargo van layout with a diesel motor for plenty of torque.  But, actually, there are four body lengths, three load heights and three wheelbases to choose from.  There are also Cab-Chassis variants should you require a light truck rather than the enclosed van layout.  Mercedes also offers passenger versions of the new Sprinter van with 12 or 15 seats, and a “crew van” that splits interior space evenly between passengers and cargo.

If you’re opting to go manual then the robust six-speed manual gearboxes are good, however Mercedes is also offering their Sprinters with a new automatic transmission option.  These new auto models get Mercedes-Benz’s nine-speed auto box which really is a relaxed way to do work.  The familiar seven-speed auto is also available.  A 3.0-litre six-cylinder turbo diesel (140kW/440Nm) will again pair with a smaller four-cylinder turbo diesel available in a variety of outputs, from 84kW up to 130kW.

There are a range of Euro 6-compliant diesel engines available.  FWD Sprinters get a reworked 2.1-litre turbo-diesel with 84 kW at 3800 rpm, and 300 Nm of torque from only 1200rpm – or an uprated version with 105 kW/330 Nm.  There’s also a 130 kW option exclusive to motorhome builders.  RWD versions come with a 2.1 twin-turbo diesel making either 84 kW/300 Nm (from 1400 rpm), 105 kW/330 Nm, or 120 kW/360 Nm.  There’s also a class-exclusive V6 diesel with 140 kW of power and 440 Nm of torque, the torque on full at 1400 rpm.  A fixed 35:65 ratio four-wheel drive system for Sprinter models arrives in 2019 and can be had with the 105 kW and 120 kW four-cylinder engines, and the V6 also.  Mercedes Benz engines are rugged, reliable performers as long as the servicing is kept up to them.  But then isn’t that the same for any engine?

As mentioned a new addition to the Sprinter family is the option of having your 2019 Sprinter in FWD.  Going with a new Mercedes Benz Sprinter van in FWD gives the user the added benefit of an 80 mm lower loading cargo floor, as well as an extra 50 kg load weight.  Rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive versions remain available, but the FWD models will become the cheapest in the Sprinter range.

Some of the new Mercedes Benz Sprinters have a payload of 3 tonnes, a GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating) of 5.5 tonnes, and a maximum towing capacity of 3.4 tonnes (when properly equipped).  All-in-all the Mercedes Benz Sprinter is an awesome cargo hauling workhorse.

On the road the new Sprinter is reasonably refined for a work vehicle, with minimal vibration coming through into the cabin.  It’s fairly quiet, too.  Mercedes offers a five-year/160,000 km powertrain warranty.

Some of the quirky new feature additions include: push-button start, steering-wheel controls, and an MBUX infotainment system.  An MBUX stands for ‘Mercedes-Benz User Experience’ infotainment system, and it’s this system that is just only recently being found in the brand new 2018/2019 Mercedes Benz luxury sedans.  The MBUX system is an optional extra on the Sprinter, and it is offered with 7.0-inch or 10.25-inch touchscreens that are controlled via the steering wheel controls and the touchscreen itself.  The screens have pinch-and-zoom capability and great graphics, and both versions get the natural-language voice control system, as well as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for music lovers.  The natural-language voice recognition system Mercedes uses is a bit more relaxed and user-friendly than you might find in other rival vans.  It’s designed to recognize casual phrasing like “how’s the weather?” or “I need gas,” and is activated by the voice prompt “Hey Mercedes.”  Pretty cool really!  By the way, the sound system is nice and grunty, and should be more than adequate for pumping all your favourite Kylie Minogue and John Farnham numbers out in style!

Other features that you can have in a brand new 2019 Mercedes Benz Sprinter include: adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alert, lane-keeping assist, a park-assist system with 12 radar sensors and 360-degree camera coverage, traffic sign recognition, crosswind assist, a driver-attention monitor, and autonomous emergency braking.  And, actually, these safety features make even more sense in a big, bulky vehicle like the Sprinter than they do in, say, a compact sedan or hatch.

There you have it, all in a nut shell, so if you’re keen on getting yourself into what is the most high-tech work van on the market, then make sure you see us here at Private Fleet, and we’ll see what we can do to get you into one with a great deal attached.

2019 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van

The 2019 Mercedes Benz Sprinter models include the:

  • Sprinter Van
  • Sprinter Cab Chassis
  • Sprinter Dual Cab
  • Sprinter AWD
  • Sprinter Motorhome

For any more information on the Mercedes Benz Sprinter models or, for that matter, any other new car, contact one of our friendly consultants on 1300 303 181.  If you’d like some fleet discount pricing (yes even for private buyers!), we can submit vehicle quote requests out to our national network of Mercedes Benz dealers and come back with pricing within 24 hours.  Private Fleet – car buying made easy!