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E-Class All Terrain

Mercedes Benz E-Class All Terrain

If anyone thought that the Mercedes Benz E-Class was getting a bit long in the tooth, just wait till you’ve seen the latest model in the range called the Mercedes Benz E-Class All Terrain.  Ready for the muddy paddock, back road or fishing escapade, the Mercedes Benz E-Class All Terrain takes the Subaru Outback concept to a new level of luxury and performance.

Mercedes Benz has always profited from using the best engineering methods for creating a motor car.  Always at the forefront, the E-Class has made itself known as a luxury medium-to-large car with all the bells and whistles, glorious performance and safety.  Now venturing into where the Volvo V60 Cross Country, Volvo V90 Cross Country, Subaru Outback and Audi A6 All road rule the Crossover wagon territory, the Mercedes Benz E-Class All Terrain is looking to take top spot.  Being a very complete and luxurious All-Terrain wagon does set it up for making a really good case for itself.

You will need to have a rather salubrious bank account to purchase the new E-Class All Terrain wagon as it won’t be cheap.  But, when you’re in this sort of league you’re probably not too concerned about the expense.  Subaru’s Outback is the least expensive vehicle in this crossover company.  What Mercedes also has to match is the off-road ability of the Subaru Outback and Volvo Cross Country models, of which both marques are very good at coping with rough terrain admirably well.

Mercedes Benz E-Class All Terrain

Light off-road prowess has to be one of the main reasons you would buy one of these types of vehicles; the ability for more adventure and exploration makes these vehicles that much more desirable.  The skilled team at Mercedes have built a high quality E-Class All Terrain wagon that can match it with the best in terms of heading off the tarmac and off-road.  You can never use these vehicles for bush bashing, but they are very good machines for slippery ski slopes, tracks down to the beach and gravel roads.

The new Mercedes-Benz All Terrain has a range of new technology inside these cars, with Intelligent Drive systems and Parking Pilot systems being some of the best available.  Ride quality is second to none – especially with the Air Body Control package being standard on the All Terrain E-Class.  The multi-chamber air suspension system adjusts the damping at each individual wheel as the ride and driving style demands.  If this feature on its own wasn’t enough, the driver can select the particular suspension set-up that they would want. The Dynamic Select system can switch the suspension to one of four different levels, ranging from most comfortable to taut sport.  When driving over harsh roads the driver can raise the ride height manually.  If road speed increases, the high ride-height level selection is automatically deleted and the normal ride level is re-assumed.  It’s clever technology like this that makes the new Mercedes Benz E-Class All Terrain stand out from its rivals.

E-Class All Terrain

E-Class cars are loaded with luxury, so you aren’t left wanting for extravagance.  Exclusive, Advatgarde and AMG Lines are the trim levels you can choose from, while individual preference and taste can be built into the design via colours, materials and trims.  Some accessories are also available in the form of a Burmester Surround Sound System, an anti-theft protection package, Head-Up Display, wireless charging for mobile devices, a TV receiver, a panoramic sliding sunroof, metallic paint finish, ski and snowboard bags and even an upgraded Thermotronic climate control system.  Around 640 litres of luggage can be carried with the rear seats in place, while space in the rear seats for head, leg and shoulders are very good.  Seating comfort and luxury are first class – as you would expect.

E-Class All Terrain

E-Class All Terrain Luggage Space

The Mercedes Benz E-Class E220d All Terrain does provide a sensationally smooth and effortless drive via the 2.0-litre turbodiesel engine being linked to the best 9-speed automatic.  It’s not the most powerful diesel engine in a crossover wagon but the blend of performance, efficiency and refinement is excellent.  Out of interest, the new 2.0-litre diesel E-Class All Terrain with 143 kW and 400 Nm competes with the 2.0-litre diesel engine found in the Subaru Outback which packs 110 kW and 350 Nm of torque.  Both Volvo models produce plenty of smooth power with the V60 boasting 140 kW and 440 Nm, and the V90 packing a colossal 173 kW and 480 Nm – making it the most powerful plant in this company.  Audi’s A6 All Road tweaks a big 160 kW and 500 Nm out of its 3.0-litre diesel motor, too.  As you can see, the Mercedes Benz may not have the performance edge over its rivals but the smooth, clean engine still performs really well with a 0-100 km/h sprint completed in a bit over eight seconds.  Its combined fuel consumption figure of 5.2 L/100km indicates this should be more economical than most large wagons, however.

There is an E-Class E350d All Terrain model in Europe that boasts 190 kW which would be nice to see being sold in Australia, but we’ll just have to wait and see on that one.  For now, the E250d All Terrain elegantly graces our shores providing loads of space, comfort and AWD traction.

The Mercedes Benz E-Class All Terrain models include the:

  • E-Class E250d Exclusive
  • E-Class E250d Advatgarde
  • E-Class E250d AMG Line

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