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2018 X-Class Ute

2018 Mercedes Benz X-Class Ute

Arguably one of the oldest marques on earth, Mercedes Benz has been around for a million years, so it is quite intriguing to find that they now offer a rugged Toyota Hilux equivalent in their line-up.  I wonder if that means that in the near future we’ll see a BMW, Jaguar and Audi ute too?  Time will tell.  Mercedes Benz are predicting a substantial growth in ute sales over the next decade, so they’re jumping in for a slice of the pie, too.

Mercedes Benz is usually correlated to premium luxury cars, SUVs and vans but don’t forget that in their line-up they also have the G-Class – the true Land Rover Defender and Toyota LandCruiser competitor, only less known by most.  Mercedes has had for the last few decades serious 4×4 vehicles that can cross the most rugged terrain on earth – much in the same vein as the Defender can.  This rugged 4×4 ability has been tried and proven over time, so I guess it was only a matter of time before we saw a seriously rugged 4×4 ute that would rattle hard-core Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger fans.

2018 Mercedes Benz X-Class Ute Interior

In 2018 we mark the arrival of the brand new Mercedes Benz X-Class ute.  You could argue that Volkswagen’s Amarok might be its direct competitor.  The top of the range Mercedes Benz X-Class models are luxurious – more so than rivals – however the standard models are well equipped and pleasant enough to spend a whole day out in the field on business, as well.  There is lots of room inside, and rear seat passengers have plenty of space.

Interestingly, the Mercedes Benz has been a project where Mercedes has collaborated with Nissan and Renault.  Capable of carting a payload of more than 1000 kg and towing up to 3.5 tonnes, the Mercedes Benz X-Class is tough.  Here in Australia we will be offered thirteen new Mercedes Benz X-Class variants over time boasting two turbocharged four-cylinder engines, delivering high power outputs and high torque at low engine speeds.  A V6 diesel is also offered.  The 2018 Mercedes Benz X-Class will be offered in three grades of trim to suit buyer’s different lifestyles and work environments.  The Mercedes Benz X-Class PURE is for the rugged building sites and farm gofers.  Owners who opt for the X-Class PROGRESSIVE will enjoy a higher level of luxury and comfort, while the X-Class POWER is the high-end, urban variant that is full of the latest luxury items and leather interior trims.  I’m picking plenty of the farmers and builders might like the POWER models too.

2018 Mercedes Benz X-Class Ute

Nissan lovers will prick their ears up when they hear that the Mercedes Benz X-Class uses Nissan’s four-cylinder 220d that produces 120 kW of power and the 250d with 140 kW.  The 250d has bi-turbo diesel engine technology.  Mercedes also provides their own V6 diesel engine which is commonly found in the G-wagon and E-Class vehicles.  Opt for the X-Class V6 and you’ll also get the clever dynamic select system in conjunction with the 7G-tronic plus transmission.  This technology means you can tailor your driving preferences, from comfort, to sport and off-road.

Those who want the extra power of the V6 X-Class Diesel models with their X350d 4Matic drivelines will be enjoying the lusty 3.0-litre turbocharged V6 diesel power.  Peak power for this motor is 190 kW, while the maximum torque of 550 Nm is very strong.  Maximum torque is available from between 1,400 rpm and 3,200 rpm.  As standard, the X350d 4Matic is equipped with the 7-speed automatic transmission 7G-Tronic Plus with steering wheel shift paddles and the ECO start/stop function.  Mercedes has said that the V6 motor can move the X-Class from a standstill to 100 km/h in around 8 seconds.  The top Amarok V6 diesel manages the same level of torque but comes short in the power stakes with a peak power of 165 kW, some 25 kW short of the Merc’s engine.

Not only that, Mercedes has taken the basis of the Nissan Navara ute with its ladder frame and made it its own.  Measuring 5350 mm long and 1920 mm wide (70mm wider than the Navara) – with the rear tray big enough to take a wood pallet lengthwise it’s genuinely spacious and practical.  The new Mercedes Benz X-Class has a wading depth of 600 mm and a 221 mm ground clearance.  Off-road, the X-Class ute has excellent wheel articulation for those tricky rutted dirt tracks, and also notable is the ease with which it will climb steep slopes, and then descend them.  On the open road, the X-Class ute handles very nicely, and will happily oblige the sporty drivers.

A great set of safety features keep the new Mercedes Benz X-Class at the top of the class.  With its robust design, the new X-Class offers a solid basis for an array of outstanding safety features.  A range of dynamic handling control and braking systems can support the driver by helping to detect – and if necessary – avoid critical situations by taking evasive action.  All the usual premium safety kit is on board, so this is one of the safest utes around and will most definitely offer five-star safety throughout the range of X-Class models.  At over 2.2 tonnes this is one solid beast.

A nice job by the design team has gotten the new X-Class eye-catching and distinctive lines, so it’s easy to tell apart from other top utes on the market.  Obviously the big three-point star at the front is a dead giveaway, as well as a status symbol – no doubt.

2018 Mercedes Benz X-Class Ute

The 2018 Mercedes Benz X-Class model series includes the:

  • X-Class PURE
  • X-Class POWER

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