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Mercedes Benz C-Class Sedan Petrol

Mercedes Benz C-Class Sedan Petrol hybridIt’s interesting to note the increase in hybrid models available from many of the mainstream car manufacturers.  Lexus, BMW, Porsche and Honda are just a few of the more luxurious examples of car manufacturers that provide the choice of hybrid technology, and Mercedes Benz will shortly offer the same low-cost, environmentally friendly technology for the keen motorist in C-Class guise.  Any new Mercedes is going to be a class act, so with the arrival of the new Mercedes Benz C- Class Sedan Hybrid, we will have all the great Mercedes Benz style and sophistication along with the frugal running costs that hybrid technology provides.  For the moment, however, there are some excellent C-Class Petrol engines that power the new C-Class line-up.

New C-Class lines offer a very low drag co-efficient and hot looks.  Even the base models are sexy cars, and few other cars really provide the same level of status as a new Mercedes Benz.  The Mercedes Benz C-Class Sedan is a technological marvel wrapped in the best materials one can find in a mid-size sedan.  Giving the new C-Class the edge, the cars have a large number of aluminium components and ultra-high-strength materials.  The overall weight of the C-Class has been reduced by up to 40kgs.  The benefits of the new technology can be found in the major reduction in fuel consumption, and the greater levels of safety.  An extremely rigid safety passenger compartment is made primarily from high-strength and ultra-high-strength sheet steel which boast in-built deformation zones, a rear end made from an aluminium composite design and an outer skin made almost entirely from aluminium.  You really are driving something very special when you get yourself behind the wheel of a new Mercedes Benz C-Class Petrol Sedan.

Two 2.0-litre petrol engines are available to power the C-Class models.  They differ on the level of power provided.  The C200 puts out 135 kW, whereas the C250 offers 150 kW.  Both engines are very smooth throughout the entire engine revs, and when linked to the exceptionally smooth 7-speed automatic transmission the shifts are barely perceptible. Road noise is very well muted and the road-holding is agile and grippy.

One other petrol engine is offered, and this is the performance engine for the C-Class Petrol Sedan.  Those who love to feel the propulsion of a performance V8 are going to love the way the C 63 S gets down to business with all its copious levels of raw muscle.  When you read the engine specs on paper, and see that this model has a limited top speed of 290 km/h, then you know for sure this is one commanding drive!

New Mercedes Benz C-Class owners seem to be very happy owners.  A quick look at all the models in the new C-Class Petrol Sedan range show that they are top-notch cars for all occasions.  If you want a car that boasts all the latest luxury in a stylish package, then the C-Class Sedan has got that.  If engine power is what you’re after, then the C-Class Sedan has got plenty.  The added bonus is that the car is also a lovely thing to look at.

Basically, if you want a really luxurious ride with amazingly cushy seating, then the Luxury C-Class Petrol Sedans are the models to go for.  Opt for the Sports models and the refinement is always superb, while the ride is firmer for outstanding road-holding and performance.

2015-Mercedes-Benz-C-Class-Review-23All new Mercedes Benz C-Class Sedan Petrol models have all the kit to sink a ship, and the level of luxury and comfort technologies is nothing short of sensational.  Multimedia options for communications and entertainment are standard, while satellite navigation keeps you in the know for the right way to get from A-to-B.  It’s pretty much impossible to get lost with the aid of the latest satellite navigation.

There are optional packages available that meet your own personal tastes.  The AMG Line, Exclusive Package, Seat Comfort Package and Vision Package are some of the packages available.  You can also opt for special features like an oxygen ionisation system that improves cabin air filtering and fragrancing (yep, it scents the air).  An AIRMATIC Agility suspension provides exceptional ride comfort and control, and you can even equip your Mercedes Benz C-Class Sedan with digital TV and an electronic glass sunroof.

Be inspired and drive one of the smooth and stylish new Mercedes Benz C-Class Sedan Petrol models.

The current Mercedes Benz C-Class Sedan Petrol model series includes the:

Mercedes Benz C-Class Sedan Petrol C200

Mercedes Benz C-Class Sedan Petrol C250

Mercedes Benz C-Class Sedan Petrol C 65 S

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