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2020 Mercedes Benz GLS SUV

2020 Mercedes Benz GLS-Class

The Mercedes Benz GLS is pretty much the ultimate luxury SUV, unless you have a preference for any other luxury marque’s big barge.  But there are not many other SUVs that will ruffle the new 2020 GLS-Class.  It’s big; I wouldn’t call it beautiful, but definitely it’s automotive bliss in terms of comfort, space and technologies.

You can fit seven adults on-board a new Mercedes Benz GLS; that is, of course, if you haven’t gone for any of the other seating options like the pilot luxury seats in the second row.  If you choose the GLS in seven seat form, then you have a very nice all-round, big SUV that will cart the whole family with gear on a two-week vacation around Australia.  Boot space is class leading whichever seating configuration you opt to go for at the time.  Third row passengers get good levels of leg room, USB points, zoned climate control and a nice space for big-mile journeys.

It is quick for an SUV.  There is loads of power on tap, and floor the throttle and any of the engines available for the new GLS Class will get up and boogie.  The AMG versions are insanely quick, and they leave you wondering just how a big luxury SUV barge like this is capable of such aircraft runway acceleration.  The V8 twin-turbo petrol engines go a little way in explaining why this shifts so well.  A straight-six, 3.0-litre petrol is also available.  Two diesel options will prove popular.  Just which ones we’ll end up with in Australia, time will tell.

Ride quality is as good as you’ll find on any new big SUV.  The 2020 Mercedes Benz GLS-Class delivers premium comfort for all occupants, and you can even enjoy the amazing new GLS with air suspension and road surface detection.  The adaptive suspension rides the roads and off-road tracks with amazing capabilities and prowess; you really are so lucky in a GLS.  By the way, the new Mercedes Benz boasts the biggest panoramic glass roof you’ll find anywhere on any new car.

2020 Mercedes Benz GLS SUV

Technologies on-board even the base GLS-Class version will leave a well-equipped sedan looking rather meagre.  The infotainment system alone has a touchscreen that fills two thirds of the dashboard and runs all the latest software for telecommunications, smartphone connections, internet, music and satellite mapping.  Safety is first class, and to have a crash you will need to get through the thick wall of defence known as all the latest accident avoidance technologies Mercedes Benz have placed on-board, as standard.  Satellite navigation goes up to the next level with roof cameras enabling real-time mapping and directions while approaching intersections, and the newest technologies for active cruise control, park assist and lane assist are present– to name a few of the neat new features.

For those of you who will want to make the most of all the 4×4/AWD traction that the new GLS provides will, no doubt, opt for the off-road pack which boasts all the underbody protection you’ll need on your weekend fishing trip or Outback tour.  Low range mode has the GLS SUV dancing confidently down even the steepest, slipperiest descents and rockiest riverbeds.  Switch the Off-road + mode on and then raise the air suspension even higher starts to sort the men out from the boys, leaving other 4x4s in your wake.  The E-Active option will monitor the terrain or road ahead and prepare the suspension for what lies ahead for the perfect ride and control.  It also delivers maximum traction to each wheel individually, and according to requirements.  Amazing; and talk about one of the comfiest off-roading experiences ever!

Design-wise the new Mercedes Benz GLS-Class has striking looks that are clean, and actually athletic despite its mammoth size.  It is even larger than BMW’s X7.  It is over 5.2 metres long, and is taller and wider than the outgoing GLS-Class.  You can’t not notice the massive three-point star on the front to match the absolutely massive 23-inch alloys (you can opt for anywhere between 19 through to 23-inch alloys), and equally gigantic is the twin exhaust outlets at the back.  But, there are nice touches of chrome as well as delicate grille patterns set in the large air intakes and spoilers to keep the G-Class elegant.  The side nudge bars are a glossy alloy and they add to the overall appealing GLS-Class off-road SUV design package.  Of course, inside the GLS the very best quality materials and craftsmanship set the big SUV apart with plenty of its own luxurious style in typical Mercedes Benz grace.

The Mercedes Benz GLS is all about SUV comfort.  And yes, you have luxury and comfort big time.  Of course the BMW X7, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Audi and Porsche equivalents, and Volvo XC90 deliver comfort in spades as well, so ensure you try all the luxury SUV brands before you buy so that you can buy informed and make your decision based on your own individual preferences.

2020 Mercedes Benz GLS-Class

The 2020 Mercedes Benz GLS-Class models currently include the:

  • GLS 450 4MATIC (270 kW/500 Nm Petrol)
  • GLS 400 d 4MATIC (243 kW/700 Nm Diesel)

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