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GLC Petrol

Mercedes Benz GLC Petrol

Mercedes Benz GLC Petrol

Elegance in form and function are a feature of most of the Mercedes Benz models, and the brand new Mercedes Benz GLC Petrol models are an illustration of this.  Capturing something beautiful in the design of something mechanical and functional is an art best left for the naturally gifted and experts in their field.  Actually, I feel a little jealous of a modern car designer; they must have such a cool job being able to create a design for something they have a passion for, and I think those at Mercedes Benz must enjoy what they do.  Look at the sleek new design of the GLC-Series; the next greatest design in compact SUVs.

Petrol is still in abundant supply around the world, yet it is a finite resource.  At Mercedes, the level of engineering that goes into making their new cars as frugal as possible is a key to what makes them so desirable.  The latest engineering and design behind the Mercedes Benz GLC 250 4MATIC all goes toward keeping the compact SUV from Mercedes at the leading edge of economy and environmental design.  Expect your new GLC Petrol model to return under 8 litres/ 100 km – a figure more associated with a diesel car.  Start/stop technology, engine and gearbox mapping with high-end ignition control ensures that the new Mercedes Benz GLC SUV Petrol delivers premium responsive performance with class-leading efficiency.

Mercedes Benz GLC Petrol Interior

Mercedes Benz GLC Petrol Interior

Mercedes Benz has used new materials and design leads for the new GLC Petrol SUV, and the result is one of the nicest interiors in its class.  There is loads of elegant leather with unique patterns and cross-stitching to create a sumptuous cabin environment fit for a king to travel in.  Electronic heated and memory front seats give an exceptional level of comfort and flexibility, while the zoned climate air-conditioning can be set to create the best temperature for each of the occupants inside the GLC SUV interior.  If there is a need to be in touch with people outside the GLC cocoon, the hands-free phone and internet access ensures that anybody can be spoken with and your destination organised well in advance for the most relaxed journey.  A premium audio system features classic surround sound, while satellite navigation maps out the route to guide you home.

One of the top properties that the GLC Petrol has is the practical boot size which can swallow a huge level of luggage, and, of course, the rear seats are folding in a split-fold fashion for easy loading of cargo that is unusual in its dimension.  There are numerous storage compartments about the GLC cabin, so taking extra cabin luggage is a breeze.  If you are a lady, the extra storage is great for the lipsticks, nail polish and sunglasses.  The cooling box will keep your drinks cool for the journey, while there are cup-holders should you feel the need to have a great ‘Starbucks’ coffee along the way.

Love driving?  The Mercedes Benz GLC Petrol is set-up for a dynamic drive, and is currently suggested to be the driver’s car in its class.  Strong performance is backed up by a load of controlled grip whether at high speed or in cornering.  One of the other great features of the GLC range is the ability to stop in a hurry; the large discs all round easily bringing the compact Germanic SUV to a halt in seconds.  Safety features include the latest active safety features to guide the driver through what can sometimes be some pretty hectic roads.  The new Mercedes Benz GLC Petrol has the ability to detect vehicles in front, and can slow accordingly to avoid an accident.  In the city this is a great added feature.  Five star safeties are guaranteed.

It’s very easy to see why so many car reviewers enjoy the new GLC-Series from Mercedes Benz.  Yes, the price is higher than average, but the product is that much better.

The current Mercedes Benz GLC Petrol model series includes the:

  • GLC 250 4MATIC

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