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Mercedes Benz CLK280

Offering a hard top and a convertible option, the CLK 280 is not only a head turner but a brisk performer as well. With a super creamy 3.0 litre V6 engine that delivers 170 kW, the CLK 280 will most certainly travel with great haste when the need arises. Capable of performing the 0-100 km/h dash in around 9.5 seconds, its got plenty of get up and go. When you pull out to pass slower traffic, the engine surges into action very quickly to make use of its maximum torque level of 300 Nm. The ride is remarkably level and has the capability of completing fast turns through twisty bends very smartly, with copious amounts of raw grip.

The exterior is typically elegant and sleek. With a low slung nose and high waistline, the Mercedes Benz CLK 280 is designed for speed. An option that Mercedes has given the prospective buyer is that of a choice between a hard top coupe style and the sexy cabriolet version. The choice is made by taste alone, as there is by no means a backward step from either version in classiness.

Safety is, of course, paramount and is built into the Mercedes-Benz CLK 280 with Electronic Brake Distribution, Electronic Stability Control, four-wheel ABS brakes and front and side driver and passenger airbags. There is an Electronic Traction Control which makes use of the ABS and engine management systems. Remote power locks and parking-distance sensors use sonar to keep you informed of the distance between you and other cars or objects close by. Mixing paints with other cars is never enjoyable!

Interior comforts are not skimped on either at Mercedes-Benz. The CLK280 has air conditioning with dual climate control zones. Heated door mirrors with operation indicator lights, cruise control with a speed limiter, and a 6-speaker audio system with AM/FM and an automatic disc changer are all included. Heated and fully adjusted driver and passenger seats boast height adjustment. A multifunctional steering wheel houses both the cruise control and the premium-audio functions. Superb, really, as this design means that the controls are at your thumb-tips and your focus remains directly on the road ahead. For those who appreciate sophistication and technological gadgetry, the Mercedes Benz monitors your average speed, petrol consumption and range via the onboard computer. Low tyre pressure indicators tell you when your tyre pressure is low. There is even a refrigerated storage compartment in the centre console!

The CLK 280 is designed to be both functional and superbly safe. Yet this is a car that is very pleasurable to own and to drive, and is certainly a car that looks the part parked up any driveway.

Current model series include:

  • Mercedes Benz CLK280 Cabriolet 3.0
  • Mercedes Benz CLK280 Coupe 3.0

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