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Throwing Some Light On The Subject Of Lights

Once upon a time, cars were fitted with carbide lights, practically identical to the sort old-school miners wore on their helmets.  These had to be lit with a match, a cigarette lighter or, if you were lucky, a built in flint and steel striking mechanism.  They weren’t in the business long, as electric lights were put on cars in around 1912 or so.  We’ve certainly come a long way since then and we’ve got more than a pair of carbide lanterns.  If you’ve thought about adding some aftermarket tweaks to your vehicle, lights are some of the first things that we can try adjusting or adding.  However, it pays to know what you’re talking about, so let’s look at what’s what.


These are your bread and butter basics.  They are there to stop you running into things at night and see where the road goes.  They probably don’t need any introduction, but we’ll touch on them briefly.  They are at the front and they’re white.  The idea is that they illuminate as far as possible when on full beam and are dipped when another vehicle comes the other way.  We know how they work.  However, please remember the following: (1) you turn them on when there’s not enough light to see a person in dark clothing 100 m away, i.e., when the sun is below the horizon; (2) don’t play Headlight Chicken where you see who dips first.

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Is Enough Being Done on Driver Education?

We’ve been wondering for a while now, with driver technology vastly better than it has ever been, but road fatalities going in the wrong direction, is enough being done on driver education? Of course, who you ask may afford you a different answer because driver education programs in themselves have become a point of differing views among policymakers, educators, and concerned citizens alike.

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Talking Tyre Tech

Wheels, alloys, and tyres are pretty mesmerizing things.  My mate’s dog thought they were biteable too, especially when moving.  He did manage to learn, eventually, that this wasn’t the smartest thing to do, and rather spent his time running alongside the car to welcome visitors instead.   

The wheel has been around for a wee while now, having first been thought to have been applied particularly well by the Sumerian people in 4000 BC, in the lower Mesopotamian regions, or what we know as modern-day Iraq.  These folk inserted rotating axles into solid discs of wood to move objects from A to B.  In 2000 BC, the discs began to be hollowed out to make a lighter wheel.  Nowadays we use wheels for all sorts of applications, not least for rolling ourselves from Point A to Point B in cars. 

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Some New American Muscle For 2024

This is an older model of Jeep, but you get the general idea.

Like American made stuff?  You’ll probably like Harleys and a pancake breakfast, follow the NBA, and celebrate Independence Day.  This might be a stretched and oversimplified generalisation, but I can see why many people still appreciate an American-made automobile.  They are usually large, powerful, and comfortable vehicles to travel in.

Now, there are some current car sale outlets in Australia that specialise in importing and selling a wide range of imported cars from the USA, old and new.  The American Car Company and Dazmac are probably the most recognised businesses.  The American Car Company’s mainstays of fresh new imports are the latest GMC Sierra (a tough light truck/ute) range, Ford F-150 (another tough light truck/ute), Toyota’s Tundra (yet another tough light truck/ute), and the sensational Dodge Hellcat performance muscle cars.

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