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Best Sellers for 2023

Classed as the best-selling new vehicle in Australia for 2023, and nearly doubling the number sold to third place getter, the Toyota Hilux remains Australia’s favourite. 

Just behind, and in second place, is the magnificent Ford Ranger, with its sales on the up and up. 

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Given that the car was more or less invented in Germany, and given that German is a language in which you can create compound words with subtle and complex meanings, it’s not surprising that there’s a German word that all true drivers can relate to, even if we’ve never come across the word before or if we don’t speak German. This word is “fahrvernügen”, which means something like “the pleasure of driving” or “the joy of travelling”. 

OK, to be fair, the word isn’t a traditional one, and it was probably coined in the 1990s as part of a Volkswagen ad campaign that ran in the US. However, that was around 30 years ago (feeling old now?) and just because a word was made up for advertising purposes doesn’t mean that it’s not legitimately part of the vocabulary, especially when it’s a useful term that describes an everyday activity or need.  By way of comparison, fahrvergnügen is older than the English verb “to google” and nobody will challenge the idea that “google” is a legitimate verb. As far as I can work out, fahrvergnügen is an official German word.

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What To Do With Your Old Car?

Unless you’re in the market for your very first car, it’s more likely than not that you already have a trusty old car sitting in your garage.

When it comes to forking out for another car, we all know your odds of being able to finance a new set of wheels will be greatly enhanced if you have accumulated some savings. More often than not, that might mean parting ways with your old car.

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Finance Lease vs. Novated Lease: which option is right for you?

So, you’re getting a car – congratulations!

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