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F1 Cars: Rock Star Superstars

The world of F1 has been thrown into intense debate with the recent announcements regarding the the 2014 season. Over the last few days, a selection of the top teams have released the official designs of their new cars. McLaren, Lotus, Williams and Ferrari have all proven that the new cars definitely are…different. The visual assault to the eyes mixed with the array of other regulation changes have resulted in a military barrage on the credibility of the sport. And so I thought it was about time to bring some light hearted happiness to proceedings. In the world of motorsport, F1 represents the pinnacle of what is meant to be possible. And as it turns out, mind blowing lap times and rib cage rattling power is not all that is possible. Once their day job is over, they take to the night and their secret passion is let loose. For an F1 car, is a rock star.

The new McLaren 2014 F1 car and its distinctive 'gentleman sausage nostril'. I think we all need a distraction

The new McLaren 2014 F1 car and its distinctive ‘gentleman sausage nostril’. I think we all need a distraction

I have been scouring the web of late and I have come across some absolute gems.

May I present to you a selection of F1 cars and their greatest hits. Stand aside AC/DC, Bon Jovi, Queen and Black Sabbath, here is a whole new lesson in music, a V8 powered lesson.

1. Happy Birthday – Lotus F1

I would like to kick off proceedings with a celebration (probably). Somewhere around the world, it is someones birthday. And so, let us take a moment to celebrate *insert name here*. Happy Birthday! (whoever you are)

As awesome as this video is, I would also like to draw your attention to the gentleman on the far right of the video. He is standing mere inches from a ear shattering brute, and he feels no need to cover his ears. You sir, have ears of steel, and I commend your bravery.

2. Top Gun Theme – Mercedes F1

There are not many people in the world who are not Top Gun fans. The Top Gun theme is nothing but a timeless classic. But I can bet you have never heard a version like this…

3. God Save The Queen – Renault F1

It is time to stand up and salute. This is the Renault F1 car doing the UK proud with this whole new version of the British National Anthem. Perhaps during the Golden Jubilee celebrations it should not have been Brian May performing this on top of Buckingham Palace…

4. The Star Spangled Banner – Red Bull F1

You know those Americans love any excuse for some patriotism, so maybe next time they should roll out an F1 car. The power, the theatrics, the glory, what more could they possible want to make them feel more American?

5. When The Saints Go Marching In – Minardi F1

Minardi were never overly successful in their F1 adventure, so perhaps they should have discovered music earlier. What makes this video that extra bit more special is the presence of a wonderful conductor. He really does give it the performance of a lifetime. This is definitely worth a watch.

6. Deutschlandleid – Red Bull F1

They have been gifted with the best car in the field and a German superstar to match their need for glory. And so it would make perfect sense for the Red Bull machine to blast out the German National Anthem. A fitting tribute to a man who will most likely become a legendary name in F1. This one really is an orgasm for your ears.

7. La Marseillaise – Renault F1

Renault are a French-based team, so it was only a matter of time before they got their personal god powered rock god to belt out the French National Anthem for them.

8. We Are The Champions – Renault F1

There has been a whole host of famous musical names who have attempted to cover the irreplaceable Freddie Mercury on a song that is known by people the world over. And you know, seeing as F1 is meant to be a motor racing event that tops all other racing events, what other fitting song to end this greatest hits run through than this? The anthems to end all sporting anthems. Freddie would be impressed, guys.

The Power, The Theatre, The Legend. Finally there is another musical titan to cover the great man...

The Power, The Theatre, The Legend. Finally there is another musical titan to cover the great man…

I hope you have all enjoyed my brief ride into the world of musical motoring greatness. If any of you have found other examples of great F1 covers of some musical classics, I would love to hear about it!

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Keep Driving People!

Peace and Love!