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Concepts bubbling on the boil

Some of the concept cars that are sitting-in-waiting are pretty special.  Like a spoilt child, there may be some of us that are getting a little impatient and asking the question: when’s this one going to arrive?  New designs are getting fruitier and more flavoursome, and it’s exciting to see the flair that is going into these new creations.  Take a look.

Alfa Romeo has the exciting new Alfa Romeo 4C on the boil.  This looks a little like a Lotus Elise, and certainly has the curves and arches in the right places.  Overhang is minimal, so you can bet it’s going to love the corners!

How about the BMW GINA?  The surface of the BMW GINA features a new skin that BMW says is highly resistant to expansion.  The material is also durable, and flexible.  Underneath the exterior is a light aluminium framework which can adjust the cars flexi-skin.  Adjustable via electronic and hydraulic controls, the body shape can be reshaped according to the owner’s wishes.  Pretty cool.

Chrysler looks to be bringing in a nice new electric-powered 200C concept model.  With an interior flamboyance, well-dressed exterior and the Chrysler ENVI (electronic) drivetrain, this is a special medium-to-large size sedan.  Certainly, the concept Chrysler 200C may well provide a petrol-powered 200C for production.  The EV (Electronic Vehicle) would be awesome if it makes it into production.  Best keep our ears to the ground.

Your next Ford Explorer, at least in America, looks a premium machine that has futuristic looks and some excellent features.  The concept is also a demonstration platform for Ford’s new EcoBoost family of engines.  Powered with EcoBoost engine technology, the smaller engine packs power to match larger engines while achieving 20-30 percent gains in fuel-economy.  Range Rover: watch your back!

Jaguar has a beautiful concept car in its line-up.  The C-X16 features a next generation touch-screen communications system with supplementary buttons that provide shortcuts to top-level menu functions.  Further controls take their inspiration from devices such as smartphones and tablets and provide multimodal functionality.  But just check out the car’s sexy lines!

Kia GT is a striking new design on the ranks.  It’s a sleek and muscular four-door sports sedan with a rear-wheel drive layout – just the perfect set-up for loads of fun and excitement.  A 4690 mm length includes an extended bonnet, little front overhang, powerful rear haunches and a truncated rear end.  Power packs a 3.3-litre turbocharged Lambda V6 GDI engine generating 534 Nm.  Drive to the rear wheels is via an eight-speed automatic.

A van, but a special multi tasking large van, the Nissan NV2500 concept offers a brand new design plan and forward thinking – including a 3-Zone interior and flexible utility and storage solutions.  The NV2500 Concept’s “wall-less” mobile office/workspace design includes a computer workstation, fold-down conference table, numerous storage compartments, cargo/tool tie-down racks, nearly six feet of interior height and an awning-style side panel that opens to create a standing outside workshop table.

Renault has its Alpine A110-50 concept car which I can’t wait till we see it on our roads.  Flowing bodywork, half-domed headlamps, a unique 3D rear window, air intakes on each side that echo the ducts on the rear wheel arches and the carbon-fibre bodywork that features a new shade of blue which refreshes and reinterprets the famous original ‘Alpine Blue’ colour.  The doors feature a scissor motion.  Power is plenty, and comes from the 3.5-litre, 24-valve, 300 kW, V6 engine that is planted in a mid-rear position.  Handling promises to be very special.