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All Records Broken!

June 2012 was the best ever month for vehicle sales – 112,566 vehicles sold. Whilst June is usually a pretty good sales month this is exceptional, and shows a massive increase of  17.1 percent over last June. Whilst we can expect some improvements over a year ago (after effects of supply difficultues) the strength of these improvements come as a big surprise.

The big winners were hybrid vehicles (petrol/ electric cars such as the Toyota Prius), up 84 percent on a year ago, and SUV’s, up 33 per cent.

For the third month in a row the biggest selling individual vehicle was the Toyota Hi Lux, followed by the ever-popular Mazda3.

The Toyota HiLux commands the top spot due to very strong sales into the mining industry in Queensland and Western Australia.

The biggest selling brand was (as usual) Toyota, followed by Mazda.

The most notable loser was probably the iconic Holden Commodore that has gradually lost favour over the past few years and now languishes in eighth place (the lowliest ever) in the popularity stakes.