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Seeing Round Corners

Ever wanted to know what’s around the corner?  Thanks to today’s new car technology, the driver can gain insight into what might be approaching at that terrible intersection or hard-to-get-out-of driveway.  There is no doubt that the intersection can be a dangerous place when driving.  Until recently, the only sure way a driver could check what was coming beyond the intersection was to poke the nose of the car beyond any visual obstacle just enough for them to lean forward and crane the neck to get a better view of any oncoming traffic – hardly safe.  Heaven help the oncoming cyclist!

Ford has a new safety system that could change that.  Mounted in the front grille of the car is a Front Split View Camera and reveals in real-time a 180 degree view from the left to the right of the front end of the car.  It’s easy to use, and at the push of a button the driver has the 180 degree panoramic picture displayed on the car’s touch screen display in the middle of the dash.  To keep the view crisp, the camera even has a lens washer that turns on whenever the wipers are switched on.  Ford hopes to have the majority of its models equipped with this round-the-corner camera technology by 2020.

An excellent new safety feature, don’t you think?