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Hyundai and carsales Join To Clear Hail Damaged Stock.

Here at Private Fleet, we understand that shopping for a new car can be a minefield. There’s the sitting down and thinking about what kind of car you need: do I need a people mover, a sedan, a wagon? Will a diesel be better for me than the petrol? What about the servicing costs and what about the price?

Private Fleet is dedicated to helping YOU buy a new car and receiving the best price AND customer service that we can offer. But we also recognise that sometimes it’s a better thing to do by going outside the box in helping our customers find a bargain. A major competitor has something we think is pretty special, so in the interests of looking after you in finding a new car and knowing you’ll consider us for the NEXT car, we’d like to share this.

We understand that it’s highly unusual for a company such as ours do this and that we may lose a little bit of business to our competitor but that’s also why we think that sharing worthwhile news makes us stand out from the competition. We are here to help you buy YOUR next car.

carsales has signed an important commercial deal with Hyundai Australia to assist the car company sell over 3,000 cars that were damaged by the hailstorms that hammered Sydney in February and March of this year.

carsales has worked with Hyundai to enable the manufacturer to give substantial support to its dealers that have hail damaged stock that would otherwise be very difficult to sell.

Bargain hunters will be able to purchase ‘as new’ cars which have some hail damage at significant savings from 1st of May.

Through an exclusive agreement, carsales will host a Hail Sale clearance hub to help Hyundai clear the discounted hail-damaged stock.

The Hail Sale will be in the form of a dedicated clearance centre landing page on the carsales website. All hail-damaged Hyundais will be aggregated within the bespoke clearance centre with Hyundai display ads directing prospects onto the carsales site rather than the Hyundai corporate website which will enable a frictionless experience for consumers.

Hyundai’s website and other owned channels will also link through to Hail Sale to ensure the deal receives maximum exposure in order to deliver the best commercial results for both parties.

Agostino Giramondo, Sales & Strategy Director at carsales said: “This is the first time Hyundai has promoted a Hail Sale with such a large quantity of affected stock. It also marks the first time carsales has run a campaign of this nature with a mass manufacturer and demonstrates our commitment to collaborating with car manufacturers. We worked closely with the team at Hyundai to ensure their primary goal was met. This solution is all about selling cars in a contextual environment. It serves as a good reminder that the best solutions for manufacturers are on carsales.”

The hail-damaged Hyundais have only suffered minor cosmetic damage, which makes the Hail Sale an excellent opportunity for consumers to score a great deal. The vast majority of cars will have minimal kilometres and still benefit from Hyundai’s five year unlimited kilometre warranty – excluding panel and paint.

All Hyundai models will be available on the Hail Sale clearance hub, and the cars will be sold by Hyundai dealers around the country, giving all Australian consumers the opportunity to make significant savings on these cars.

Visit The Hyundai Hail Damage site for further information.