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WTF is the new Cadillac?

Now I love cars. Chances are that this will come as no shock to you whatsoever. Cars are just great aren’t they? And what really gets my V12 purring is knowing that the automotive world is always on the cutting edge of the modern world. Whatever it may be, there is always another new development, another boundary being pushed, another mind that is blown. The technology developed in the motoring world is driving us into a whole new future.

Futuristic? As children, adults or even very attentive family pets, everyone loves a bit of sci-fi futuristic wizardry. Deny it all we like, there is a sci-fi geek hiding in all of us, trapped in the delicate force field of balance between our sense of shame and childish wonder. You claim you hate Star Trek but at least once in your life you have indulged in a moment of live long and prosper. My point is, it is always fun looking into future and seeing what may come tumbling from human imagination.

Every now and again we are given the delectable treat for the eyeballs that is the latest designs for concept cars. Sometimes they are your conventional hypercars of ultimate destruction (I say conventional, you get my point), and other times they are something brand new. Once it was solar power, but now we have moved on.

Now, what is the craziest car concept you can think of? A car powered by the pure power of Tom Jones’ vocals? A new green machine that runs off the power of electric eels?

Well until then, how about this…?

The Cadillac 'Word Thorium Fuel' Concept

The Cadillac ‘World Thorium Fuel’ Concept

Are you impressed yet? This is the Cadillac World Thorium Fuel concept car of the future, a nuclear-powered car that has been designed by the absolute beauty that is Loren Kulesus. Anyone who can pull this out of their mind machine has my full respect. I love the erm… carefully chosen name that has been given to this car, Mr Kulesus you are fooling no-one. This is the future right here. Honestly, if I had to describe this car, WTF would definitely be what I would use as well. Aptly named really.

So, what exactly going on here in this futuristic spaceship of awesome:

  • The car is powered by Thorium. Thorium is a radioactive metal that can be used as a nuclear fuel. Yes you did just read that correctly, this car will essentially be powered by a mini nuclear plant. WTF indeed.
  • Apparently standard tyres just aren’t cool anymore yo. This Cadillac has 6 individual mini wheels that each have their own independent motor that come together to form what we prehistoric dinosaurs would call wheels. WTF indeed. This fancy new ‘motion-direction-circles’ would never have to be changed, Mr Kulesus says.

This car was designed back in 2009. Back then it was just a concept. But that was then. This is now. Laser Power Systems (LPS), from the USA has now set to work on developing this whole new automotive propulsion system that could revolutionise car travel forever.

Looking at the car itself though, I can’t say that practicality seemed very high up on the menu. How on earth would you even get into one of these? And once you are in, are you essentially going to be driving with your behind on the ground? Better hope the road isn’t too bumpy. Although, imagine turning up to a party in a WTF. Now THAT is a way to get peoples attention. Just better hope you picked the right outfit and know how to gracefully get out of this machine.

Either way, this car does make me happy. Look at it. It’s like its come straight out of Star Wars. And I love Star Wars.

Thorium? What is Thorium?

As I said before, Thorium is a radioactive metal that can be utilised for fuel. Its biggest advantage is that the material is so dense it has the ability to create mind-boggling levels of heat. So through using thorium to produce a laser that will heat water, create steam and power a turbine. And that, dear friends, will create motion.

To put the awesome power of Thorium into some form of perspective, 1 gram of this substance has the same power as 28,000 litres of traditional petrol. Not only that, but LPS CEO Charles Stevens claims that 8 grams of Thorium fuel will be enough to power one of these cars for about 100 years. This LPS development program aims to have this technology in mass production as soon as possible.

In general, Thorium is actually a pretty good idea for energy production. Firstly, the usual process to retrieve weapons-grade fissionable material from a Thorium reactor is outrageously difficult. Therefore using Thorium only reactors would significantly reduce the risk of nuclear weapons. Not only that but the radioactive waste produced by Thorium is up to 10,000 times less long lived than most other material. And finally, in an acceleration driven reactor, Thorium cannot maintain nuclear chain reaction without priming, which yet again reduces the risk of destruction, sadness and bad press.

Overall, it sounds pretty good wouldn’t you say?

Inside, we see the WTF for what it is...

Inside, we see the WTF for what it is… Image Credit:

Now obviously, most of this information has been taken from LPS themselves, so I will go on record and say that not every word that has been uttered should be believed. I am pretty sure if Thorium had the potential to reshape the foundations of America they probably wouldn’t mention that. But then again, I would also hope that if this was true they wouldn’t be trying to put it into their cars anyway. Especially as you know, cars crash pretty badly sometimes. I don’t know about you, but Id rather not be driving knowing that one wrong turn might end up giving me 3 heads. But each to their own I guess.

If the WTF goes well, maybe Cadillac may branch out and improve their other cars, like the LMAO-bach, or even branch out into the world of flying with the ROFLcopter. I couldn’t resist I’m sorry.

If this is the future, I have only one thing to say.


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