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New Car Contest

Here is a quiz with some prizes for you. We’ve got 25 bottles of Nu Finish car polish to give away.

To get your prize just look at the ten cars below and identify them for us. If you get eight of more correct, and you’re one of the first 25 winners, a bottle of Nu Finish will be on its way to you. But these cars won’t be familiar to you, as they are all due to be launched in 2012. However, we’ve given you a clue for each one to make your task a little easier.

Submit your answer by putting your answers in ‘Leave a reply’ at the end of the quiz

Question one:

Clue:  Greenie name for an electric car.

Question Two:

Clue: From Asia- 3 door, but not how you would expect.

Question Three:

Clue:  New brand, old name connected with Holden.

Question Four:

Clue: This brand was last sold in Oz in 1997 as a luxury version of Nissan

Question Five:

Clue:  Jointly developed by this manufacturer and Toyota

Question 6:

Clue:  German performance car, but not an Audi or BMW

Question Seven:

Clue:  A major new car release from Holden should not be a shock.

Question Eight:

Clue:  This compact soft road completes the trifecta for this manufacturer.

Question Nine:

Clue: Oz brand, Thai built ute, single and dual cab.

Question Ten:

Clue:  Chinese tradie to compete with Great Wall.

So, if you think you can correctly identify at least eight of these, put your answers in ‘ Leave a reply’  below and we’ll contact you if you’re a winner. OK, if you’re still puzzled, why don’t you Google ‘cars of 2012’ and you should be fine!

Good Luck!


WOW! We knew you’d have to be quick, but we didn’t expect you to be that quick!

We’ve had 25 winning entries already, so, sorry, the Nu Finish polishes have been polished off!