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2013 S6 Sedan

Unmistakably Audi, the smooth lines of the new Audi S6 Sedan are free flowing and elegant.

Big sport/luxury sedans are topped off with cars like the innovative Audi S6 Sedan, and that’s why more and more people turn to manufacturers like Audi for enjoying great driving, suave looking modern cars that make fashion statements that go far beyond your average Toyota.

At just a tad under 5.0 metres long, the latest Audi S6 Sedan does a great job at managing the big car size-factor on the road. A pure driver’s car, the S6 sedan boasts a low centre of gravity, AWD tenacity and V8 performance figures that leave your mouth watering. FPV’s V8 Supercharged GS Sedan looks to better the Audi’s power output, but falls 5 Nm short of the mighty Audi’s maximum torque figure of 550 Nm. Only HSV’s R8 sedan pumps out an equal amount of torque from its 6.2-litre V8. Both the FPV and HSV sedans know how to set some slick track times, however the AWD technology allows the new 4.0-litre TFSI engine in the Audi S6 to really show its wears on any track in any weather.

This is the refurnished and revitalised new Audi S6, so the lower CO2 emissions over its predecessor are in step with environmental laws around the globe. With 309 kW and the great swing of 550 Nm of torque, the Audi S6 Sedan manages to complete the 0 to radar-detection dash in 4.6 seconds. Under the bonnet of the Audi S6 Sedan is a V8 4.0 TFSI engine that features the new Audi cylinder on-demand technology which enables the car to run on four of its eight cylinders at low throttle. This smart new feature on-board the S6 provides better fuel consumption and better CO2emissions. Also new, and advanced, is the clever start/stop system and the smooth dual-clutch seven-speed automated manual transmission.

Performance is aided by the quick dual-clutch action of the seven-speed automated manual transmission.

To drive, the power is addictive and the throaty engine tone a joy to experience – though the interior is very well muted from engine and wind noise. All this performance under the hood and directed out to the rubber on the road means that Audi have electronically governed the S6 Sedan’s top speed to 250 km/h. Are you ever like me and wonder what the top speed actually might be if the limiter became redundant?

Maximum Audi S6 performance is matched with maximum Audi S6 luxury – as you would expect from a car marque as desirable as this one. The attractive range of Audi exclusive leather upholstery and trim allows you to play with colours, materials and upholstery to make your S6 Sedan a very individual machine that is probably going to be one of a kind in Australia. Even customised S6 Sedan paint finishes are available for making your car simply stunning. Every luxury feature is available for Audi’s S6 Sedan. Expect to find niceties! Niceties like a sport-tuned, adaptive air suspension that has variable dampening settings. 19- or 20-inch rims have a nice range of designs. Adaptive cruise control, pre-collision warning, lane departure warning, night vision safety, an amazing Bang and Olufsen audio system, adaptive LED headlights, park assist with a 360-degree camera view and massaging seats to really make a luxo point that give a vivid picture of luxury that only Audi could ever do.

Current Audi S6 Sedans include the:

  • Audi S6 Sedan V8

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