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2013 Audi A7

The Audi A7 has those Fastback lines and athletic engines to provide the legendary Quattro underpinnings with all the goods to make it a great drive.

Australia has a number of nice cars cruising its roads at present, but few cars can match the style of the all new Audi A7. Beautiful Fastback lines make the Audi A7 low-slung, intimidating and special. The promise of Quattro underpinnings ensure that the drive remains in total control.

This has been an interesting addition to the Audi range. I guess I wasn’t expecting such a fresh design so soon after the R8, A1 and freshening up of the TT machines. However, there’s lots to like about the attractive Audi 7. It’s kind of in the same mould as a BMW 6-series. That sexy Coupe style, long nose and low roof-line have got the big tick in the looks department. And slip inside the Audi 7 interior, and all the luxury fit for a King welcomes you. Bose surround sound, accentuated leather seats, chrome trim, climate air, hands free telephone, heated seats, multi function seats, impeccable fit and finish, and cosseting roomy comfort – front and rear – start the ball rolling.

Parking sensors, LED lights, Heads up display and the latest safety features create a sophisticated edge over the competition. Audi has a high-tech onboard computer system that is able to alter such aspects as the accelerator characteristic, adaptive air suspension, transmission characteristic, damper control, reversible belt tensioner and, if fitted, the sport differential and cornering feel. On an Audi A7 equipped with the optional quattro with sport differential, the drive torque distribution is varied. Audi have thought of everything. To drive, road-holding is second to none, and the ease with which the A7 corners at speed is sensational.

The Audi A7 is a big enough Coupe to boast practicality along with sex appeal. For instance, you have available a load carrying capacity of close to 1400 litres of luggage space – with the rear seats folded flat. The centre armrest is folding, and there are numerous storage areas in the frameless doors and under the front seats. The rear seat bench can be easily split or folded down making the seating options and the load capacity even more flexible. One of the cool features of the Audi A7 is the way that the wide-opening tailgate can be electrically opened and closed, giving you the impression that the Audi A7 is very special, indeed.

At present, two wonderful engines lie in wait to be opened out to their full race-track potential. A lot of the technology onboard the Audi A7 has been tried and tested with Audi’ success in the Le Mans 24 hour race cars. Go for the Audi A7 Sportback 3.0 TFSI Quattro and you enjoy six-cylinder power rated at 220 kW. Turbocharged, the 3.0 TFSI has a peak torque of 440 Nm, however ninety percent of the maximum torque is available across a range of 2900 rpm to 4500 rpm. In this guise the Audi A7 Sportback accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.6 seconds. Check out the impressively low combined CO2 emission of 190 g/km. Also the combined fuel consumption is an excellent 8.2 litres/100 km.

Don’t forget to try out the Audi A7 Sportback 2.5 TDI engine. In 2006, the Audi R10 TDI was the first diesel-powered racing car to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans – and this wouldn’t be the last time, either. Technology used to win Le Mans means that the 2.5 TDI operates with intelligent common rail diesel technology. too. A healthy 500 Nm of torque combines with a peak power of 180 kW. And the 2.5 TDI quattro accelerates your A7 Sportback from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.3 seconds. Again, you’ll find an extremely low fuel consumption average of 5.9 litres/100 km, and a low CO2 emissions average of just 156 g/km for Audi’s TDI engine.

Let your hair down and drive with Audi’s 7.

The current model series includes the:

  • A7 Sportback 3.0 TFSI Quattro
  • A7 Sportback 2.5 TDI Quattro

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