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2013 Audi TT TDI

The Audi TT TDI simply exudes power and grace.

If you want a tongue-twister, try saying “Audi TT TDI” about ten times very quickly. However, the name is the only awkward thing about this fun sports car. That being said, there’s a few more Ts that can be used to describe the Audi TT TDI.

T is for Torque and Turbodiesel. You can always rely on a diesel motor to deliver plenty of torque to the wheels, and this two-litre 4 cylinder in-line direct injection turbodiesel is able to provide 350 Nm to the wheels when the rev counter needle reaches the 1750–2000 mark. Powerwise, the curve peaks at 4200 rpm and the peak power is 125 kW. This is able to send the Audi TT TDI gunning through the 0–100 km sprint in 7.5 seconds and gives it a top speed of 226 km/h. The is quite frugal for a sports coupé (that’s diesel for you) and goes through 5.3 litres of fuel every 100 km, which means that you can do about 1000 km before you have to refill the 60-litre tank. This engine comes hitched to a six-speed manual transmission.

T is for Topless. The Audi TT TDI is available in two body styles, the Roadster and the Coupé. And the Roadster variant is a soft-top cabriolet that allows you to get the wind in your hair easily, whether you get the manual hood or the optional automatic hood that packs itself away in 12 seconds. The new Audi TT TDI has lost the which-end-is-which quasi Art Deco looks of the looks of the earliest TTs and is much more forward-looking and sleek, as are many others in the Audi range. One special feature of the Roadster is the rear spoiler, which extends automatically at 120 km/h, improving safety and handling at higher speeds, and the roll-over bars feature aluminium detailing. Short overhangs have been incorporated into the styling of both types, as have clear-glass look tail lights, twin exhausts and flared wheel arches. The TT logo has been etched into the aluminium fuel cap and on the rear, and is repeated in the rev counter on the inside. And those round twin headlights almost wink at you!

T is for Two people, who will sit very comfortably inside the low-riding and supportive sports seats. The cockpit of the Audi TT TDI has been designed with driver convenience in mind, everything is within easy reach, and those round dials are very easy to read. The sports steering wheel comes trimmed in leather. Other interior features include a heated rear window (coupe only, for obvious reasons), a crystal clear CD audio system, plus many more.

T is for Traction and grip with the full-time AWD transmission (that’s another T). This helps the Audi TT TDI stick to the road during tricky moments, like cornering in the wet. Other safety features provided in the Audi TT TDI are the “magnetic ride” system that improves the on-road handling as well as improving grip.

Try the Audi TT TDI for a whole lot of on-road driving fun. Even if the name is something of a tongue-twister.

The current model series includes the:

  • Audi TT TDI Roadster
  • Audi TT TDI Coupé

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