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2022 Audi RS Q3 Sportback

2022 Audi RS Q3 Sportback

With a 2.5-litre, five-cylinder turbo, the 2022 Audi RS Q3 Sportback packs some serious performance and clout out on the tarmac.  With 480 Nm of torque, 294 kW and the Quattro AWD traction, this is as racy as it looks.  So how does it go in the magic 0-100 km/h test?  Well, the answer is around 4.8 seconds, so it’s rather fleet-footed then.  Top speed is limited to 250 km/h, and its lovely to drive and full of brilliant technology.

Road holding is taken care of with Audi’s uprated sports suspension that boasts stiffer springs and dampers, as well as the RS model riding lower than any of the other Q3 versions.  It also comes with a slightly wider track than the standard Q3 models, thus getting a hold of that road even better.  Of course, the taut, razor sharp handling combined with AWD does give this vehicle phenomenal levels of grip over any road surface, slippery or not.  For an added expense, you can have the new Audi RS Q3 fitted out with a special adaptable suspension, thus making it adjustable between levels of sport and comfort.  The full comfort setting is superb for riding sedately over bumpy city streets and rough B roads.  If you can manage, then I’d recommend going for the adaptive suspension to make this a really relaxed machine when not travelling at white knuckle speeds.

2022 Audi RS Q3 Sportback

The new Audi RS Q3 Sportback is easy to drive about town, is small enough to slip in an out of a parallel parks and has a sweet seven-speed automatic gearbox that slips in and out of the gears effortlessly for you.  It does have paddle shifters if you want to take over gear selection duty.  Take the RS Q3 out on the motorway, and life is pretty nice.  Whip into action and head for the twisties and, yes, the RS Q3 doesn’t disappoint!  If you want a sporty SUV that is very quick in a straight line and then can hang on in the corners at higher speeds, then, yes, you have come to the right part of the showroom floor.

Being one of Audi’s smaller Q models, the RS Q3 does a reasonable job of providing comfortable seating for up to five people.  Keep in mind, however, that as the car is the RS version, the lower roofline as it slopes down over the back seats does mean that rear seat headroom is not as good as the standard Q3 versions.  If you are taking people over six feet, then they’ll likely want to be driving or travelling in the front passenger seat.  The backrests of the back seats are capable of reclining.  The rear seats can slide front to back, and then back again – I mean forwards again, back to where it was.  Sliding the seats back to the forward position means that you’ll also get a bit more luggage space in the back, but you’d only want to be doing this if you have smaller children travelling in the back seats.  Oh the English language ­ what fun! The space in the boot with the rear seats up equates to 530 litres, which is very good for its class.  Riding inside the premium Audi cabin environment is generally quiet, refined, and enjoyable.

The 2022 Audi RS Q3 looks nice in the metal, with a few more bulges here and there in the panelling and the lower roof line towards the back to make it more aerodynamic and sportier.  Fitted with two massive exhaust outlets at the back, a roof spoiler above the tailgate, and a delectable set of alloys (20-inch as standard, though 21-inch alloys are available), the car is a bit of a looker.  You can upgrade the standard exhaust system, which has been designed to keep the noise levels low.  The upgrade brings out the sweeter, sexier notes from the lovely five-cylinder growl.

On the inside of the sporty RS Q3 SUV is some nice individual styling features like the RS sports steering wheel that has a flat bottom, honeycomb nappa leather sports seats, Alcantara materials, different trim inserts that are unique to the RS model, a starter button with a red surround, and RS logos on the door sills.  This model also gets the high-end infotainment system, ambient lighting, dual-zone climate control, and a neat digital driver’s display.

2022 Audi RS Q3 Sportback

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  • Audi RS Q3

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