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2014 Audi RS Q3

Audi RS Q3

Audi RS Q3

A small compact SUV that’s fast and luxurious?  It sounds too good to be true!  Audi seem to make a habit of making dreams come true with their wide range of magnificent machines for driving the roads and beyond.  Speaking of beyond, the new Audi RS Q3 is apt at tackling some light rough terrain, and though not a true blue off-roader, the competent Quattro drivetrain and generous traction-hunting equipment makes the vehicle excellent in the slippery stuff.  Driving the Audi RS Q3 is much a pleasure, indeed.

Obviously, the interior of the RS Q3 is impeccable, attractive and luxurious.  Sporty trimmings blend well with luxury materials to make the time driving exquisitely comfortable.  In the rear seats there is a reasonable level of leg room, while the level of comfort in the rear is nice.  Electric windows and sunroof keep you instantly in touch with the world outside, while in times of extreme heat and cold the Audi climate air system makes the temperature and environment inside the RS Q3 relaxed and tranquil.  Powered, accented Nappa leather seats in the front are sumptuous to say the least, and they have a heating function – should you need to warm your backside up on a cool morning.  Premium surround sound keep the music fans happy, and it’s very easy to link up with all your favourite tracks with USB ports and iPhone connections.  Satellite navigation keeps your journey well mapped and planned out, so the holiday away with the family is looking great in your new RS Q3.  Clever storage areas throughout the small Audi SUV make for easy organisation of all knick-knacks.  If you want to keep the kid’s techno appetite full, then Audi can equip the RS Q3 with audio-visual screens in the back of the front seat headrests.  This is a nice feature if your trips are often longer than three hours.  I was travelling down the road the other day and noticed this feature inside another car, and the expressions on all occupant faces seemed to be that of contentment.

Audi RS Q3 Interior

Audi RS Q3 Interior

It’s under the bonnet of the sexy RS Q3 that really can set your drive alight.  With the 2.5 litre TFSI performance engine, all 228 kW can send you scampering through the 0-100 km/h dash in a little over five seconds.  The engine is, in fact, a five cylinder and sounds gorgeous.  Smooth power delivery makes the small Audi RS Q3 a very refined and distinguished drive.  Featuring an S tronic dual-clutch transmission, the rapid gear changes ensure that the feeling of smooth acceleration remains seamless.  Nice wide alloy rims means nice wide rubber for cornering grip, and Audi’s Quattro system provides driving dynamics for a fun and exciting drive.  The new Audi RS Q3 actually sits lower than the standard Q3 models, and with the RS tuned sport suspension, your drive home can be exceptionally fun!  Large 18-inch RS disc brakes pull this Q3 SUV in very strongly from pace, and the surefooted nature of the vehicle when driven fast is exceptional.

As you would expect, Audi have equipped the RS Q3 with advanced fuel efficient technologies like the superior Start-stop engine management system.  The effect this feature has on fuel consumption reduction is impressive enough, but also CO2 emissions are much, much lower than they used to be in yesteryear.  When the vehicle is coasting or braking, the recuperated energy is used to assist a generator during ensuing acceleration, again saving up to 3% of your fuel.

Audi have also used superior lightweight technology in the design and implementation of the Audi RS Q3 compact SUV.  Not only is the high-tech steel shell low weight, it is also very rigid and strong.  Thin metal panels made of hot- and cold-formed steel make up the body, while the use of aluminium on the bonnet and tailgate further reduce the vehicle’s weight.

As one of best compact SUVs on the market, the Audi RS Q3 is superbly safe, fast and comfortable.  Drive a little differently, and enjoy the benefits of a new Audi SUV.

The current Audi RS Q3 models include the:

  • RS Q3 S-Tronic

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