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2022 Audi RS Q3 and Audi RS Q8

2022 Audi RS Q3

2022 Audi RS Q8

Got your heart set on an Audi RSQ variant, but not sure which one to get?  Let me give you a bit of a hand in making the RSQ decision.

Obviously, Audi have several Q vehicles for different roles.  The smallest Audi Q vehicle you can currently (November 2022) buy is an Audi Q2 – really a glorified hatchback that serves its owners well with its pretty interior, nice materials, raised ride height, and excellent build quality.  Next comes the Audi Q3, a rather decent small SUV that works harmoniously with the small family, and an SUV capable of getting its feet muddy while crossing the footie pitch.  The Audi Q5 starts to get seriously spacious and practical, even able to tackle some tricky terrain.  The Q7 and Q8 being Audi’s huge and spacious flagship SUVs with all the bells and whistles and AWD traction.

However, there are only a few of the Audi Q SUVs that boast seriously intense performance.

The Audi SQ versions deliver the buyer/owner some sweet engines for powering the SQ vehicles, and there is plenty of performance to enjoy.  I’m sure the “S” in SQ stands for a Stonking Q version.  You can find a new Audi Q with an S attached to the model-name among most of the Q versions – the SQ2, SQ5, SQ7, and SQ8 to be exact.  In the following, you can note me make my point about performance being stonking when you see the type of engine Audi equips with even the smallest of their SQ SUVs: the SQ2.  Audi’s latest, revised SQ2 SUV is propelled by a 221 kW/400 Nm 2.0-litre turbo-petrol engine. Using the Quattro AWD system and dual-clutch transmission, a new SQ2 sprints from zero to 100 km/h in a rather stonking 4.9 seconds.

Audi’s mid-size SQ5 uses a very sweet mild-hybrid 3.0-litre V6 TDI powerplant that puts out 251 kW and a whopping 700 Nm of torque for some more stonking Q performance.  The engine drives through an 8-speed Tiptronic automatic gearbox, and a 0–100 km/h sprint takes around 5.1 seconds.  Remarkably, the SQ5 also boasts a healthy 7.0-litre/100 km average fuel consumption figure.

Both the Audi SQ7 and SQ8 use a very grunty 4.0-litreTwin Turbo petrol 8-speed automatic 4×4 drivetrain.  Needless to say these both stonk along!  But for some Really Stonking RS Q SUV performance, there are only two Audi Q SUVs with “RS” in their name: Queue the Audi RS Q3 and the Audi RS Q8.  These two SUVs, in particular, are some really seriously quick weaponry, made for ruling the place where rubber meets the road.

For a bit more detail on the Audi RS Q models:

2022 Audi RS Q3

A 2022 Audi RS Q3 uses a high performance 2.5 Turbo petrol engine.  Under the hood is an award-winning 294 kW/480 Nm 2.5 TFSI Turbo 5-cylinder engine, also similarly used to good effect in the potently fast Audi RS3 Wagon.  The RS Q3 is a compelling 5-door SUV that is as practical as it is fast.  A 530-litre boot space swallows all your gear with ease.  The rear seats slide forward and backwards on rails and will also recline for passenger comfort.  The rear seats can also be split-folded in any of the 40:20:40 variations and will fully-fold flat to expose 1525 litres of luggage space.  With an S-Tronic 7-speed gearbox combining with Quattro AWD wizardry, the 2.5 Turbo-powered Audi RS Q3 SUV takes on a high-performance sports car role that enables it to accelerate from 0–100 km/h in just 4.5 seconds.  The RS Q3 runs through to a limited top speed of 250 km/h with ease.  So, not your average run of the mill commuter then!  A new Audi RS Q3 looks cool too, featuring a low-set sports suspension and a wide stance on huge 21-inch wheels.  All the very nice Audi quality goes into the RS Q3 interior as well, so the luxurious Nappa leather sports seats are sumptuous and supportive.  Things like satellite navgation, dual-zone climate-control, and a full array of infotainment technology, and adaptive and passive safety tech make this a formidable sports-luxury SUV.

2022 Audi RS Q8

And now for the really stonking 2022 Audi RS Q8 – this is Audi’s performance SUV flagship that bristles with power and is loaded to the hilt with all the latest driving, infotainment, luxury, and safety technology that money can buy in an Audi.  The Audi RS Q8 SUV is a masterclass for the ultimate in a luxury-sports SUV driving experience.  With a proper V8 under the hood, the driver has free access to 441 kW of power and 800 Nm of torque.  The 4.0-litre V8 Twin-Turbo petrol whisks the immense Audi RS Q8 through the 0-100 km/h dash in a staggering 3.8 seconds.  It’s also excellent in every other facet besides hot performance, so with quality features like close-assist doors, loads of practicality and comfort, specially quilted Valcona leather upholstery, RS Sport front seats, a 17-speaker Bang & Olufsen 3D sound system, premium safety (5-star), a roll-stabilization system, adaptive air suspension, all-wheel-steering and permanent Quattro AWD, the RS Q8 means business from the outset and is a purely opulent sports-luxury package.

2022 Audi RS Q3

2022 Audi RS Q8

The 2022 Audi Q SUV model range includes:

  • Audi Q2 (2 models)
  • Audi SQ2
  • Audi Q3 (4 models)
  • Audi RS Q3
  • Audi Q5 (10 models)
  • Audi SQ5
  • Audi Q7 (3 models)
  • Audi SQ7
  • Audi Q8 (2 models)
  • Audi SQ8
  • Audi RS Q8

For any more information on the new Audi RS Q3 and Audi RS Q8 or, for that matter, any other new car, contact one of our friendly consultants on 1300 303 181.  If you’d like some fleet discount pricing (yes even for private buyers!), we can submit vehicle quote requests out to our national network of Audi dealers and come back with pricing within 24 hours.  Private Fleet – car buying made easy!