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2013 Audi R8

There are many ways to relax and refresh the body and mind. A bath or massage soothes the aching muscles. An ice cool drink invigorates on a hot summers day – so too does a swim. However if you need one of those “clear the mind and blow out the cob webs” types of experiences, a scintillating drive in one of the world’s fastest cars might be just what the doctor ordered.

Hitting the corner apex at speeds well in excess of the everyday drive is an experience highly recommended – in the right place at the right time. Undoubtedly, one of the quickest in the business is the very beautiful Audi R8. From every angle the Audi R8 screams high velocity in a refined, middle-aged kind of manner, yet the car captures forceful lines that are both very sleek and sexy. The delicate front lights are exceptionally good looking and, yet, they set the tone for the R8’s aggressive low stance. The nose boasts the interlocked four-circle Audi emblem. Yep, this rates as one of the better looking super cars. At the R8’s back, you will find rear lights with LED technology, and a pop-up spoiler that operates at speeds well above the legal speed limit. The athletic lines swoop over the very low-lying coupe’s body, and the overall appearance is something quite special. The models fitted with the optional carbon fibre sideblades, which channel air to the engine, look particularly good. In reality the Audi R8 is basically a toned-down, road-going version of the Audi Le Mans Quattro concept first shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2003.

The Audi R8 is nothing short of first-rate to drive. You’ll find that the mid-mounted 309 kW 4.2 litre V8 FSI engine provides a sonorous accompaniment for any drive you care to tackle. Press the R8 hard, and it responds with a low growl and moves you into premium express-mode transport. The thrust from the high-tech V8 is spine tingling, and the chassis is phenomenally good. Porsche 911s better watch their backs as this is one fair dinkum racer. The Quattro drive train has an outstanding weight distribution which makes the car extremely easy to drive fast. The steering feel is so accurate and well weighted that the complete Audi R8 can be driven at very high speeds with ample confidence. The rear biased weight distribution and AWD layout deliver proper sports car dynamics.

To ride in, the R8 has seats that are very snug fitting and supportive all round. Seated in leather, hearing the V8 burble and peering over the low bonnet you feel very special driving this German machine. The high level of build-quality runs through the entire cabin area, and the dashboard architecture is unique and attractive. There’s plenty of headroom, and adjustment for the seats, so that even the tallest drivers can get themselves comfortable. Boot space at the front is just 100 litres, but there is a further 90 litres available behind the seats. The optional all-leather trim (which includes the dashboard), the alcantara roof-lining and the carbon-fibre inlays for the dashboard and door trims can make your Audi R8 simply stunning to behold. You can also be kitted out with a super stereo boasting a 465-watt output. The unt is made by Bang & Olufsen.

Want something a little bit special that looks a million bucks? The Audi R8 has to be on your list. And what can she do? The 0 – 100 km/h sprint is performed in just 4.6 seconds, while on the right road you can let the German bullet run on to 300 km/h.

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