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2008 Audi S5

The 2008 Audi S5 is a high quality two door coupé that mingles in the league of excellence. Audi’s drive train has an all wheel drive system that is controlled through a very nimble six-speed manual gearbox or six-speed auto. The Audi S5 unites loads of power with masses of control, and, as one would expect, this establishes the essential ingredients that make for a German driving experience that guarantees driving bliss.

Ultimately, what will draw one’s attention to the sleek Audi S5 is the luscious burbling noises emitted from the throaty, naturally aspirated 32-valve DOHC V8 amalgamated with very curvy and appealing exterior bodywork. Silver chrome wraps around the side windows and the imposing Audi grille looks very grand – being accentuated by the of LED lights. This crisp design adds a touch of superiority that, when incorporated with the tear-drop lines of the Audi S5, conveys a very strong high-performance, high-end image.

The car is clearly intended for speed, and the rippling indentation that runs low down, and along, the side panels accentuate this fact. Sitting on beautiful alloys, the Audi S5 requires some very wide tyres to harness the car’s true power potential. Audi has fitted the S5 with high performance 255 19-inch rubber. The big footprint implanted upon the tarmac means the Audi S5 uses its independent multilink coil springs and stabiliser bar suspension to maximum effect. The fire-breathing 350 horses (260 kW) under the bonnet not only unleash surging power to a 7000 rpm redline, but the maximum torque figures of 440 Nm at 3500 rpm hint at how powerful this automobile actually is. The surging response is wonderfully evident even at low engine rpm, and the six-speed auto is slick and quick. The five second 0-100 km/h acceleration time is proof enough of the rate at which the S5 will cover the ground. The Audi S5 is extremely well-balanced, so much so that most high speed cornering will only require a slight change in the throttle position to counteract any movement away from the optimum driving line through tight bends. Truly entertaining, the S5 can be reigned in from high speed via very big 17-inch vented brake discs. These discs are located front and rear. In fact, the braking system will haul the Audi S5 from 100 km/h to a standstill in a little over 33 metres.

Let’s slip inside the svelte German cabin and enjoy a moment of breathtaking pleasure. What hits you in entering an Audi S5 cabin is the voluptuous interior materials. The S5 is very nicely finished in lavish leather, and chrome furnishings envelop the instruments cleanly. Premium leather gives the cabin a sense of delightful swankiness. Owners can choose from a range of rich interior colours that include Alcantara, leather in black or silver/black, or cloth and leather in deep red, glove brown or black. Trim furnishings are available in brushed chrome, deep walnut or ebony black.

Ergonomically darn near perfect, the Audi S5 cabin has a real sense of order and neatness. Audi’s performance image is enhanced in the Audi S5 with driver’s gauges and screens grouped together under a single swooping cowl in front of the driver. A small read-out screen which provides a digital indicator of speed, navigation instructions or audio information is placed conveniently between the white-on-black tachometer and speedometer. The more detailed information, including the navigation maps, radio stations, audio or HVAC data are displayed on a standard-sized screen immediately to the right on the central console. Audi has an MMI system that continues to be the best in the world with the central control knob, and its surrounding buttons, creating an interface that quickly becomes easily intuitive. Audi offers an iPod-specific connection that includes a small storage compartment in the glove box. Artist, song or album info can be displayed via the MMI screen, and you can let the system simply play through your library or a selected play list. This is a very up-to-date and great feature. Space in the Audi S5 coupé, even in the back seats, is exceptional because of the car’s lengthy wheelbase – which is very long for a two-door coupé. All occupants will enjoy comfortable and luxurious seating. Turn the twelve-speaker premium sound system up, and the bass is rich and deep. The crystal clear sound has a warmth and clarity one finds only in the very best premium audio systems.

The German engineered Audi S5 is superbly safe and is fully equipped with front, side, and head airbags for all occupants lucky enough to be travelling aboard. An S5 boasts leading edge 4-wheel ABS, Electronic Brake Force Distribution, Traction Control and Stability Control, and these items are all standard features.

Totally class-leading in its dynamic control, and when the car is spearheaded with a sublime all wheel drive chassis, seemingly endless V8 muscle and consistent brake power, the Audi S5 – dare I say it – might just be the ultimate driving machine.

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