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2013 Audi A1

Sharp looking and reasonably priced, the Audi A1 makes for a nice small hatch.

Model Update

Take some time to look over the Audi A1. This is the smallest car in the Audi line-up and because of this it could be considered to be the most practical and useful car around town, of all the Audis. Its competitive pricing makes it all the more appealing. Who could imagine owning the suave Audi A1 for under $35k? Plenty of the A1 models sit under this figure.

An Audi A1 1.6 TDI is shortly to be released in Australia.

Styling features reveal cues that you could relate back to the entire Audi range, making the Audi A1 one very elegant small car.

Driving the Audi A1 1.4 Turbo models are a lot of fun. These little cars provide lusty acceleration, nimble handling and an exquisite cabin to travel inside. Style on the outside is head-turning, too.

Power comes from a 1.4 Turbo engine that fuels itself on petrol power. The 90 kW is strong and power comes throughout the entire engine rpm. A 200 Nm level of torque provides plenty of power to keep bigger cars honest. Driving quickly is enjoyable because the chassis is well sorted, grippy and balanced. The snug feel from the Audi A1 cockpit gives the driver plenty of satisfaction. Everything about the Audi A1 experience is one of quality, so it’s little wonder that you get an impression of refinement in the A1’s ride to match the quality of interior workmanship.

All Audi A1 models have the option of using the six-speed manual or seven-speed sequential gearbox. These slick gearboxes are superbly engineered and always feel perfectly matched to the engine revs.

Base models start with the Audi A1 Attraction which provides a luxurious blend of interior features and practicality. Electric windows, a nice sound system, air-conditioning and plush cloth seats give it the thumbs up. It is just a nice quality car with all the necessary features at your fingertips.

Pay a little more and the Audi A1 Ambition adds climate control and leather to the cabin. There is, of course, a mass of options that you can equip the friendly little Audi A1 with. Each A1 has a standard infotainment system. Add the connectivity package, and you’ll be able to connect up your phone and multi-media systems. A range of lighting features for the interior package enables you to equip your Audi A1 cabin with a unique flavour that suits your tastes. Rain sensing wipers and high beam assistance add to the already comprehensive safety features.

Want some more Sport in your A1? Then the Audi A1 TFSI Sport takes this sportiness to the next level with its standard S line exterior package that further enhances the athletic appearance. The S line exterior package, exclusively available for that model, includes lower and deeper front and rear bumpers as well as the S line roof edge spoiler and rear diffuser, giving the Audi A1 TFSI Sport great racy looks. Quattro flavouring adds 17-inch or 18- inch alloy wheels.

Also the S line sports multi function steering wheel and gear lever in perforated black leather, S line sports seats in Sprint cloth/leather upholstery and optional air vents in their aluminium look create a real fashion statement. The optional S sport seat provides even more support for the driver – which makes the Audi A1 feel exceptionally snug and inspiring.

Keep your eyes out for when Audi dealers offer the new Audi A1 1.6 TDI. This is going to be an exceptionally frugal hatchback to run. Expect the A1 1.6 TDI average fuel economy to be as low as 4.0 litres/100 km and the torquey motor to be strong and athletic – in true Audi fashion. How about inquiring now?

The current model series includes the:

  • A1 Attraction
  • A1 Ambition
  • A1 TFSI Sport

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