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Top 5 safety tips for driving this Easter Long Weekend

Planning a road trip this Easter long weekend? You’re not alone. With the four day weekend coinciding with the school holidays in most states, it’s a busy time of year to travel. 

But, it’s also one of our deadliest. Last year in NSW alone, there were 7 fatalities recorded from Thursday to Easter Monday, and more than 4,500 drivers were hit with fines. An estimated 4 million Aussies travelled by air and road around the country. So, how can you stay safe on the road?

Driving on road easter long weekend

Stay alert while driving this Easter Long Weekend

1. Plan to avoid the traffic

The Easter break starts this year on the 9th of April, which is Good Friday, and runs until Monday, 10th of April. However, many travellers choose to begin their break on Thursday in a bid to beat the traffic.

While leaving the day before should be quieter on the roads, don’t make the mistake of leaving straight from work.

2. Check your car is safe

Your tyres legally must have at least 1.4mm tread depth. Incorrect tyre pressure can speed up tyre wear, so before your big trip, check your wheels. Lift the bonnet and check the oil level doesn’t need topping up and walk around the car to check the lights and blinkers work.

Fill up the tank the day before you depart and check the windscreen washer bottle and coolant is full. 

3. Stop revive survive

Plan your route with places you’d like to stop for a break. The highway may be the most direct route. But, often the time passes quicker when you plan the trip on smaller roads and through small towns. 

Every two hours, take a break from concentration and stretch your legs. If you need to stop and there isn’t a town, perhaps look out for one of the many Driver Reviver spots.

4. Put your phone away

If you’re using the GPS on your phone, make sure the phone is secured in a commercially designed holder fixed to the car. It’s against the law to touch the phone once you start driving, so enter your final destination before pulling away from the curb.

5. Store your luggage securely

Loose items can become hazardous projectiles if you brake too suddenly. If you’re carrying items on top of the car, regularly stop to check the straps are holding the items securely. Even dogs can be secured with a specially designed dog seat belt. 


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