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Some New American Muscle For 2024

This is an older model of Jeep, but you get the general idea.

Like American made stuff?  You’ll probably like Harleys and a pancake breakfast, follow the NBA, and celebrate Independence Day.  This might be a stretched and oversimplified generalisation, but I can see why many people still appreciate an American-made automobile.  They are usually large, powerful, and comfortable vehicles to travel in.

Now, there are some current car sale outlets in Australia that specialise in importing and selling a wide range of imported cars from the USA, old and new.  The American Car Company and Dazmac are probably the most recognised businesses.  The American Car Company’s mainstays of fresh new imports are the latest GMC Sierra (a tough light truck/ute) range, Ford F-150 (another tough light truck/ute), Toyota’s Tundra (yet another tough light truck/ute), and the sensational Dodge Hellcat performance muscle cars.

However, there are also some other mainstream American models you can buy that are easily bought and are available for buyers on the lookout for a brand-new American machine.  Chevrolet, Ford, Jeep, RAM Trucks, and Tesla should all ring a bell, and these American icons can be found on numerous showroom floors throughout Australia.  Private Fleet’s team members are happy to engage in getting you the right American car for the right price.


Chevrolet has a superb version of their own tough light truck/ute in the form of the big Chevrolet Silverado HT.  This is a big, powerful, and tough truck that has space to burn in the cabin and remains one of the most comfortable and stylish models of its type in its class, and it carries all the modern technology and safety you’ll need for serious work and play. 


Ford F-150

Like the Chevrolet Silverado, Ford’s F-150 is a big, classy tough light truck/ute that comes in two variants.  Its strong underpinnings and rugged powertrain make this a perfect workhorse and prime business statement.

A true American legend is the Ford Mustang.  Now onto the seventh-generation model, the Mustang is Ford’s longest standing model name, with the very first Mustang starting off its production a long way back in 1964.  Currently, in 2024, you can buy yourself a sensational wind in the hair experience with a brand-new Ford Mustang Convertible GT.  This performance car brand also offers the Ford Mustang as three variants of the 2024 Ford Mustang Coupe.


A big global American player and a longstanding brand, Jeep still champions a range of comfortable, spacious SUVs and utes, all of them delivering formidable off-road capability when the occasion demands itself. 

Jeep’s flagship model, the Jeep Grand Cherokee, is a spacious, powerful, luxurious 4×4 SUV that can happily spend time in a city environment.  Shake off the shackles of the urban jungle and head out to the wild blue yonder, and this vehicle provides some of the most serious off-roading ability you can find. 

Just look at the Jeep Wrangler, and all three of the current models will trumpet “I’m a serious off-road, 4×4 machine!” A Wrangler is a load of fun, too!

Jeep Compass is another great SUV from Jeep with all the goodies, 4×4 ability, and a great size for the family.

The Jeep Gladiator is a model perfect for the builder and tradie who needs to get a long way off the beaten track to commence work.  It’s also fun for recreational use and a good tow machine.


RAM Trucks are the other American-made tough light truck/ute brand you can look to for your seriously good King of the Road experience.  The RAM 1500, RAM 2500, and RAM 3500 models are all available. 

  • RAM 1500.  There are six versions you can buy in Oz.  In America, the 1500 is considered to be the “light duty” version, but it still delivers up to 295 kW of power and 558 Nm of torque, plus up to 5783 kg of towing capacity and a 953 kg maximum payload.
  • RAM 2500.  There are two versions of the RAM 2500 available here in Australia.  The RAM 2500 harnesses up to 306 kW of power and 582 Nm of torque.  The mighty 6.7-litre Cummins turbodiesel engine gives drivers an 8972 kg tow rating.
  • RAM 3500. The RAM 3500 Laramie is the top of the range.  Offering 306 kW of power and 582 Nm of torque, with this version it has been built to cope with a jaw-dropping tow capacity of almost 16 tonnes (16,000 kg).  Being a Laramie model, it also gets all the luxury and comfort features.


Here is the battery electric vehicle (BEV) with American roots.  You are sure to have heard about Tesla, so, if you are wanting to buy a new Tesla in 2024, there are three models of the Tesla Model 3 Sedan and three models of the Tesla Model Y SUV available.