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Have Caravan, Will Travel

Experiencing the charming realm of a caravan holiday is hugely stress-reducing, and caravanning is a simple and easy way of going bush with a few of the extra creature comforts that can make the adventure that much more laid-back and comfortable.  If you’ve ever had the chance to camp, most of you will agree that the relaxing times in tents and caravans, away from technology, can be one of the best ways to recharge your body batteries.  Caravans offer much more comfort and shelter than a tent, and they can be kitted out with everything that you need for camping.  So, when the time comes to head away, you just hook up the caravan and away you go.

Touring Australia by caravan is the best way, I reckon.  Although, my love of motorcycling is hard to flick off.  The right car for the job is a big must.  Not just any vehicle is going to be happy towing a caravan, so you’re advised to check what the vehicle manufacturer says your vehicle can tow.  If you want to tackle some of the more remote areas, which will inevitably mean you’ll travel Outback roads and tracks, then a 4×4 like a Nissan Patrol, Land Rover Discovery or Toyota Land Cruiser will do the job, no probs.  Your caravan will also need to be up to the task of travelling off the tarmac, and there are plenty of very good caravan designs which are suitable for off-road work.  Roadstar Caravans and Creative Caravans are two examples of Australian caravan manufacturers who make a super nice caravan that can withstand the rigours of off-road work.

If the idea of getting lost in the Outback is not for you, then caravanning the coast of Australia is easy-as, and can be done in your Holden Cruze or Toyota Corolla – even, as long as you stick with towing lightly designed caravans.  Just think: cheap accommodation, your own bed, own food and you can even get up and leave when you want to.  Now that sounds relaxing!

What to do when nature calls?  If your caravan doesn’t have a built in bathroom and toilet, then the best way to cater for heading off to the loo is by using one of the vast array of portable toilets.  These are very easy and cheap to buy at any outlet that sells camping gear.  Even Kmart will have one.  A spade in the boot is the next best option.  You can use this for digging a long drop – and when you get your vehicle stuck the spade is a must have.

Having a good supply of fresh clean drinking water and plenty of easy-to-make meals is a good idea.  Take some candles for lighting purposes, as thay are not only simple and easy to use, they create a romantic atmosphere to you caravan interior as you sit sipping wine and watching the red sun set.  Sometimes Australia can get really cold, particularly overnight.  Do make sure that you have a good supply of blankets and warm clothing. A good Australian atlas is a must, especially one that will show you where the caravan parks, camping areas and 4WD tracks are – not to mention fuel outlets.  If the track you care to take will take you to the never-nevers, then it’s wise to let someone know your whereabouts and your expected time of arrival.  An emergency kit with anti-venom and a cell phone are other really important items.

Whatever the vehicle is that you are using for towing the caravan, make sure that you are up-to-date with its servicing.  The last thing you want is a break down in the middle of nowhere.  Checking the condition of the caravan is important, too.  The chassis, wheel bearings and tyres are the key areas to keep in good nick.  Carrying some tools and materials for emergency repairs is a wise idea – depending on how ‘go bush’ you will be going.

Heading off in your favourite drive, be it the C-Class Estate, Landie or Sportwagon, with a caravan towing behind, there are fewer more satisfying ways of exploring this great country of ours.  And whether you have children or not, you are going to make for yourself some great long-lasting memories.