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6 tips for a fun and hassle-free Australian road trip with family and friends


Everyone loves a road trip (well, most of us)! Picking your favourite songs, choosing snacks, embracing the sense of adventure and taking the road less travelled.  

However, as much as we romanticise the idea of spontaneity, the best road trips are those that you are prepared for. This helps avoid stress and struggles during the drive, so you can focus on the journey together with your friends, mates and family. 

So, to help you prepare before you set out, we’ve listed some useful tips and tricks for a hassle-free road trip in Australia. 

Read on for a great journey. 

When it comes to road trips, more preparation = less stress during the trek 

Before hitting the road, you want to make sure that you have everything you need for the next couple of days. This way, you can have carefree fun without worrying during your road trip. 

Start with these six: 

  1. Begin with a plan

    While there is nothing wrong with being impulsive to a degree, a rough plan of where you’re headed can help you prepare for your road trip (even just mentally!). By mapping out your routes, key stops and destinations, you can check:

    weather conditions
     must-see spots
     ideal (and free) campsites
     safety concerns
     road conditions
     online reviews, and more

    All these can contribute to a memorable adventure!

  2. Carry your essentials with you

    Before leaving, make sure that you have all your essentials – these will help you survive all sorts of road trips in different conditions. For instance, check that you have:

    ✓ food and water (snacks are a must!)
    ✓ essential medication
    ✓ first-aid kits
    ✓ extra batteries and chargers
    ✓ clothes that suit the weather conditions
    ✓ IDs, cards and money
    ✓ and everything else you can’t live without

    While we’re lucky in Australia that most things are always close at hand, there’s nothing more stressful than realising you have to find these during your trip – so best pack them before leaving.

  3. Book your accommodation in advance

    If you’re planning to stay in a hotel, resort or holiday park, be sure to book ahead, especially if your trip falls during the school holiday season. This helps make sure that you have a place to stay to rest and that you’re getting the best deals – so, less stress on the road!

  4. If you’re taking children, pack something that will keep them entertained.

    Long drives can be stressful with bored children on board – so it helps to be prepared with road trip activities that will keep them occupied. You can also prepare music, audiobooks and other games.

  5. Know when to fill your fuel tank

    The safest way to go when doing long road trips is to fill up your tank at every opportunity – even before it’s empty. When your tank is half empty (or half full, if you’re an optimist) it’s a sign to find the nearest petrol station and fill up.

    Just take note: the cost of fuel may differ in different locations across the country, especially in more remote areas of Australia – so add a little to your budget for this.

  6. Bring the right vehicle for your trip

    Your best asset during any road trip is the car you’re driving.

    So, whether you’re renting a car or bringing your own, make sure that your vehicle is a match for your route, your destination and the number of people travelling – you don’t want your car breaking down in the middle of nowhere, that’s not fun on any adventure!

These are just a few of the things that you should consider before hitting the road – but the best tip there is: don’t forget to have fun! 



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