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Finance Lease vs. Novated Lease: which option is right for you?

So, you’re getting a car – congratulations!

No doubt you’ve had many factors to consider along the way:

  • Purpose of the car. Check!
  • Car model. Check!
  • To lease or to loan? To lease – Check!

But wait, if you’re planning to lease a car, we have a question for you.

What type of lease are you going to choose: a finance lease or a novated lease?

Since your wallet is on the line, this is one of the most important questions to ask when planning to lease a car.

In this article, we’ll break down the differences between a car finance lease versus a novated car lease to help you make an informed decision for your car lease.

What is a car lease?

Leasing is a great way to have full use of a car in your name without paying a large upfront cost. Instead of buying a car, leasing allows you to ‘rent’ a car for a longer period of time – typically 24-36 months – and make fixed monthly payments based on your leasing agreement.

As a general rule, the longer the lease is, the cheaper the monthly payments are and at the end of the lease period, you may have the option to buy out the vehicle should you decide to keep it. Otherwise, you can return it to the dealership and either start a new lease or buy a new car.

The benefits of both finance car leases and novated car leases

  1. Lower monthly paymentsSince you’re only paying for the car’s use during the specified lease term, rather than the full purchase price, leasing a car is often the ideal option for short-term savings, especially if your lease has fixed interest rates allowing repayments to be budgeted throughout the leasing term of the car.
  2. Maintenance and warranty coverageDepending on the supplier, lease agreements often include maintenance and warranty coverage, saving you from unexpected repair costs – after all, it isn’t you who owns the car.
  3. A chance to enjoy the latest car modelsIf you’re looking for a newer model that would otherwise not fit your budget or are looking to upgrade your car every few years or so, a car lease gives you this flexibility, even if you’re on a budget.

The difference between a Finance Car Lease and a Novated Car Lease

What is a car finance lease?

A car finance lease is one of the most straightforward financing options available when buying a car, and it works like a long-term rental agreement.

Basically, it allows you to drive a vehicle for an agreed-upon amount of time while you pay the dealership a monthly fixed price for the usage of the car.

What is a novated lease?

Another increasingly popular form of vehicle financing is the novated lease. It works the same way as a car finance lease, the only difference is that it’s a three-way agreement between you (the employee), your employer and the financier.

With a novated car lease agreement, the obligation to meet the repayments is with your employer. The repayments come from your income as a component of a salary sacrifice arrangement.

Take note: a car leased through a novated lease agreement is not considered a company vehicle, so you can use it for 100% private use without the need for logbooks. A novated lease can also have tax advantages since the financing of the vehicle is paid from your pre-tax remuneration package.

For more information about Novated Leases, check: Novated Leases with Private Fleet.

So, which one should you choose? Finance Lease Vs. Novated Lease

Ultimately, there is no right answer. Choosing how you pay for your car lease is still a matter of personal preference and your financial circumstances.

If you don’t want to worry about monthly repayments and you feel more secure knowing that your car lease is already taken care of every time you get your paycheck, then a novated lease may be for you.

On the other hand, if you have other sources of income that you’re using to pay for your car lease other than your monthly paycheck, then a finance lease can be a great option.

If you still have questions and want to make an informed decision about which option may be right for your unique circumstances, simply reach out to us for a chat.

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NOTE: At Private Fleet, we are not car financiers, nor are we able to offer advice regarding finance leases or novated leases. As car brokers, our aim is to get you the best purchase price on any new or used car.
The information given here regarding car finance leases and novated leases is for information only. However, if you would like to contact one of our preferred car lease companies, you may reach out to us to discuss your options.