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6 Tips To Prepare Your Car For The Aussie Summer

It’s summertime! 

And in Australia that doesn’t just mean the weather gets warmer. 

  • It means family road trips to the beach.  
  • It means the aircon is slowly clearing out the dust.  
  • It means you need to take that extra minute or two before you can hold the steering wheel after spending all day under the Aussie sun! 

Summertime also brings on the hustle and bustle of Christmas preparations, holiday arrangements, and many other obligations, but despite the chaos, there’s one thing you can’t forget – you need to take the time to prepare your car for summer. 

Doing so is crucial for your safety and your comfort during the warmer months. 

With so much already on your mind, we’ve decided to make things a little easier and provide 6 actionable tips to help you prepare your car for summer. 

So buckle up! (But be careful, the seatbelts are hot)  

1. Engine Coolant Top Up

A well-functioning cooling system is crucial for preventing your engine from overheating in the scorching summer temperatures.  

So, one of the first steps to prepare your car for summer is to ensure that the cooling system is ready to handle the heat – the last thing you need is to break down during the Christmas traffic. 

To do this, simply check your car’s coolant levels are between the minimum and maximum ranges and top it up with a high-quality coolant if you are running low. For a more comprehensive guide to car engine coolant, take a look here. 

2. Make Sure Your Car’s Aircon is Working

As Australian temperatures hit the high 30s or even the early 40s, your car’s air conditioning becomes a lifeline.  

Before the summer heat hits its peak, it’s best to test your car’s air conditioning system and ensure that it’s in good working order.  

If you notice any issues, such as: 

  • weak airflow 
  • leaking fluids 
  • strange odour 
  • unusual noises 
  • delayed cooling, 

or anything else of concern, it might be time to seek a professional car inspection or professional air-conditioning maintenance.  

Although this may come at a cost and you might think that you can put up with poor air conditioning, these problems usually only get worse and remember, a fully functional air conditioning system not only keeps you comfortable but also enhances driver concentration and so the safety of you and your passengers. 

3. Consider Fresh Air Filters in Your Vehicle

Maintaining clean air in your car is essential for promoting respiratory health, enhancing driving comfort, and preventing microbial growth in your car’s interior – and your car’s air filter plays a crucial role in doing just that. 

With the windows wound up and the air conditioner pumping during the Australian summer, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your vehicle’s air filter is functioning properly.  

Also, the end of Spring and entry into Summer means there are large amounts of dust and pollen in the air, and it’s important that these are filtered out. 

To ensure the quality of the air you breathe while driving simply seek a professional who can check and replace the cabin air filter if necessary. 

4. Test Your Vehicle’s Brakes

Australian roads are packed during the holiday season and traffic is at an all-year high. This means safe driving should be a top priority for anyone taking to the roads this December and January. 

So, before embarking on any summer road trips it’s vital to inspect your car’s breaks.  

Keep an eye out for signs of wear and tear, an ear out for unwanted squeaking or grinding noises, and address any issues as quickly as possible.  

When it comes to road safety, it’s always better to err on the side of caution. 

5. Protect Your Car’s Paint

The intense summer heat can impact much of your car’s functionality, but it can also take a significant toll on your car’s exterior.  

To prevent this, it’s best to protect the vehicle paintwork by regularly washing and waxing your vehicle during the summer months. 

Washing removes dirt and debris that build up and can damage the paint, while waxing provides a protective layer against the sun’s harmful UV rays. It’s best to pay particular attention to exposed areas like the roof, bonnet and the tops of your side mirrors, and consider parking in shaded areas whenever possible. 

6. Check Your Car’s Oil

Summer temperatures can put additional strain on your vehicle engine so it must function as seamlessly as possible – a good place to start is to check your vehicle has the right level and type of oil.  

While you should always check your oil levels regularly and top up, if necessary, summer is a great reminder to do so. Just think, while you’re checking your air filter, engine coolant, air con and brakes, you may as well take the time to change your oil as well. 

In this way, a pre-summer check-up is a great way to keep your car maintenance efforts consistent and efficient. 

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