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Toyota Hybrid Camry

With the new Toyota Hybrid Camry, it's very easy to be green.

Model Update

There are a lot of pluses with owning a new Toyota Hybrid Camry. The combination of power and better fuel economy spearhead the charge, while reduced harmful emissions complete the package to make what is close to the ideal modern car.

Roomy and comfortable, safe and reliable, Toyota have created a stylish big saloon that is well equipped and rewarding to drive. Head down to the showroom, and you’ll find that the two models available – the Hybrid Camry and the Hybrid Luxury Camry – are differentiated by around $3k in price difference and a few extra bells and whistles.

The new Hybrid Camry has had a few details changed on the exterior that has made the car slightly bolder in its appearance. Still beautifully flowing, the Camry’s lines are elegant and sporty.

You’ll enjoy driving the latest Camry Hybrid. The drivetrain is noticeably smooth and punchy, while the handling is well planted and direct. A three year/100,000 kilometre warranty adds a little extra weight to buying the well priced Hybrid Camry, and it will surely see you right for low-cost big-car motoring.

Toyota has already experienced phenomenal success with the hybrid Prius. Now Toyota extends the environmentally aware hybrid technology to the already popular Camry. Introducing the Toyota Hybrid Camry… The Australian launch of the Toyota Hybrid Camry in February 2010 has to rank as one of the biggest events in the motoring world of the year. And there’s something else special about the Toyota Hybrid Camry: it’s the first Toyota to be 100% manufactured in Australia. That’s got to be good for the environment and good for the economy – and good for you.

The most important feature of the Toyota Hybrid Camry is, of course, its engine. The Toyota Hybrid Camry is powered by electricity, petrol or both, depending on where and how you’re driving. This very cunning engine knows just what to do, switching from one fuel source (if you can call electricity a fuel) to another in the smoothest and most economical fashion.

How the Toyota Hybrid Camry’s engine works is like this, more or less. When you’re just cruising, the engine monitors the revs and combines the petrol and the battery as needed. When you’re accelerating, both motive sources get to work. If you’re in heavy traffic with lots of stops and starts (and, I suppose if you use the Toyota Hybrid Camry commercially for a postal run or similar), then the petrol engine cuts out, leaving the battery to take over. And when you brake or decelerate, some of the kinetic energy of the vehicle is transformed into electrical potential energy: it goes to charge up the battery. Now, that’s efficient! When it comes down to number-crunching, this translates to a combined fuel economy figure of 6 litres/100km. Power-wise, the Toyota Hybrid Camry has a maximum power output of 140 kW.

The styling is the classic Camry that we all know and love. With a car that has had economy, low emissions and efficiency as the dominant features, you can bet your bottom dollar that the Toyota Hybrid Camry has been styled for maximum aerodynamics. But that styling looks so good! The front end looks dynamic and assertive – the Toyota Hybrid Camry is no wimpy tree-hugger – and is super-smooth.

Just take a grip of the handle and take a look – and, if you grip the handle, the door will unlock instantly (if you’ve got the key, of course. With a car as desirable as the hot new Toyota Hybrid Camry, you don’t want something easy to steal). The instrument panel’s most striking feature is the blue-light surrounds around the main dials in the dash, but once you’ve finished looking at that, you’ll see the steering wheel mounted controls, the multi-information display panel, the hands-free Bluetooth integration and rear parking sensors, and more. Other less visible features include the rain-sensing wipers and the remote unlock/engine start.

Safety in the Toyota Hybrid Camry is catered for with Vehicle Stability Control, ABS brakes, traction control and SRS airbags everywhere.

At the time of writing, the Toyota Hybrid Camry has not made its debut. All will be revealed in time!

The current model series includes the:

  • Toyota Hybrid Camry

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