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Toyota C-HR

Toyota C-HR

Toyota’s latest C-HR hasn’t got any irksome traits to leave you second guessing.  It’s a completely modern design that follows little resemblance to anything Toyota has created previously, and yet the overall package is a good one; a package that holds a new sense of direction for Toyota and one that I would suggest other manufacturers will follow.  A small and powerful engine, fully modernised cabin and premium safety with the choice of AWD permits the new C-HR to be more than just a little upbeat about its carefully planned new marketing endeavours.

Of all the recently built new Toyotas there is one other model that has managed to present and an animated poise at the sidewalk.  The fashionable Toyota 86 currently has a nice silhouette that captures the imagination and makes you think of some exciting drives to be had.  Yes, it is sporty, and I understand that the low coupe lines add to the ‘fast and furious’ flavour of the 86 model, but it’s this little bit of extra stimulus that Toyota needs to provide a stamp on a potential buyer’s heart.  Edgy design has been a pen stroke that Toyota has used in its designs of late, and the new C-HR brings this angular styling and stimulus that many will be looking for in their new car purchase.  Look at the Toyota C-HR externals, and the bold, streamlined lines are angulated, giving the small SUV a flavour that differentiates itself from other new and modern SUVs.  It’s a flavour I very much like.

Toyota C-HR Interior

Not being starchy in one’s vehicular design work ensures you’ll get more looks of appreciation coming in your direction.  And, who doesn’t want this sort of affirmation?  Whether inside or out, the C-HR is pleasing and desirable.  Clever design continues on the inside, with a spacious, comfort-filled interior with loads of modern features and technology.  The seats are finished in soft touch fabrics, with a leather accented trim in the C-HR Koba models.  A 60:40 split fold rear seat provides greater storage and load carrying flexibility.  Each new Toyota C-HR is packed with tech to keep you plenty informed and entertained.  Driving information and safety data can be accessed on the Multi Information Display.  Having the ability to find cheap fuel, check the weather and stream Pandora internet radio via the 6.1-inch touchscreen display are features that will make your journey all that much better.  Dual zone climate control air conditioning, an air purifying system, satellite navigation, Smart Entry and Start, and active cruise control are some of the other excellent items on the list of features for the new C-HR.  Each new Toyota C-HR comes with Toyota Link, which is an app suite available via the display screen when you connect a compatible smartphone – thanks to the latest Bluetooth technology.

Five-star safety has been awarded to the C-HR’s modern mix of safety features and design strengths in Euro NCAP crash testing.  Together with the all-round protection of seven SRS Airbags, every single C-HR model is equipped with Toyota’s latest safety technologies.  And it’s features like the Toyota Safety Sense Plus (TSS+) that provides one of the best active safety packages available.

Plenty of power can become a bit volatile when the chassis struggles to control the horses.  Pleasing poise and agility are what the new C-HR provides the driver with.  You can choose between 2WD or AWD models.  Having more traction, obviously, will pay off in the wet and when negotiating other slippery road surfaces.  The body control, steering and drivability of the new C-HR for both 2WD and AWD models are a strong point of the new vehicle.  Engine response and acceleration is always strong and flexible with 185 Nm of torque available from 1500 rpm.  A maximum of 85 kW feels crisp and punchy, and is a credit to the Toyota VVT-I 1.2-litre turbo engine design team.  A six-speed manual or CVT transmission are the options, both of which have their appeal.  However, for some reason the six-speed manual is the one I like for the mix in this baby Toyota SUV.  The decision of which gearbox you’ll prefer comes down to your own preference.

Buy new and the range of C-HR models come with a 3 year/100,000 km warranty for all things mechanical.  Four models are available, with the C-HR Koba AWD being the premium pick.

There is plenty of positive feedback on the latest Toyota small SUV, and this praise from others certainly boosts the favour of the new Toyota C-HR.  As Will Rogers said, “Get someone else to blow your horn and the sound will carry twice as far.”  Toyota will be enjoying this approval.

The 2017 Toyota C-HR models includes the:

  • C-HR 2WD
  • C-HR AWD
  • C-HR Koba 2WD
  • C-HR Koba AWD

Toyota C-HR

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