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Prado Petrol SUV

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Toyota Prado Petrol SUV

Which Prado should I buy?  Two alternatives are available according to the type of engine you want your new 2016 Toyota Prado to have.  Whether you want three or five doors, auto or manual, or even what level of equipment you want to have are some of the considerations that you will consider in your final decision.  But to keep things easy for your introduction into the new Toyota Prado range, the differing engines are a good place to start.  The Toyota Prado Petrol is a refined 4WD, and it boasts most of the bells and whistles in standard form you would wish your family sedan to have.

You are seated up high, and there is no doubt that the Toyota Prado Petrol has a commanding view on the road ahead.  It is a big vehicle, yet the new Prado feels easy to drive in town and is surprisingly easy to park.  Power is strong in the Prado Petrol, as under the bonnet sits a creamy 4.0-litre VVT V6 engine.  Power is rated at 207 kW and there is 381 Nm of torque available in the mid-rage.  Handling is sure, and the way the new Toyota Prado Petrol version glides along on the motorway is effortless and relaxed.  It isn’t the most frugal beast in in the world, but that probably won’t matter to many of its potential buyers – who consider a night at a five-star hotel nothing to bat an eyelid at.  What will matter is the dependable, punchy performance that the new Prado offers in Petrol form.

Take the 2016 Toyota Prado Petrol SUV off-road, and the fulltime 4WD is a top performer.  Excellent wheel articulation and traction control ensures that you will get through the toughest terrain with little fuss – most of the time.  The six-speed automatic is an excellent match for providing smooth gear changes off-road and for holding the right amount of torque to get up and over obstacles.  Big disc brakes all-round work with the ABS system to haul the 2.2 tonne machine to a halt.  You can tow up to 2.5 tonnes when the trailer is braked.

Private Fleet

Toyota Prado Petrol SUV Interior

Inside are some excellent driver ergonomics, and the body positioning for front seat occupants is hard to better in an SUV of this type.  Cabin features include front and rear parking sensors, leather accented seats and a JBL premium surround sound 14-speaker system.  These are standard on the base Toyota Prado VX Petrol model.  Bluetooth wireless connections and satellite navigation is all accessible via the large touch screen in the centre of the dash.  All models come with airbags front and side, and each seat has a pre-tensioning seatbelt.

Exterior design has taken a step forward over the outgoing Toyota Prado versions, and the latest model looks sharp.  I thought the rounded lines on the previous model looked a little frumpy, but with the clever strokes of the new Toyota Prado Petrol design team, the vehicle looks trimmer and more purposeful in its stance.

This is a vehicle that has rugged off-roading capabilities, so it’s not one you would class as a light off-roader – as might be the case for a RAV-4 or CR-V.  You’ll enjoy the drive, whether it be for loading up to the hilt and heading off on a family holiday, using it for the work run or as a recreational vehicle in the weekend.  Wherever you drive, the Toyota Prado Petrol SUV has a wide following and an enviable reputation in reliability.  It’s surprising who you’ll find driving the new Toyota Prado Petrol 4WD SUV.

The current Toyota Prado Petrol SUV model series includes the:

  • Prado VX
  • Prado GXL
  • Prado Kakadu

For any more information on the Toyota Prado Petrol SUV or, for that matter, any other new car, contact one of our friendly consultants on 1300 303 181. If you’d like some fleet discount pricing (yes even for private buyers!), we can submit vehicle quote requests out to our national network of Toyota dealers and come back with pricing within 24 hours. Private Fleet – car buying made easy!