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2020 Toyota Corolla Sedan

With the huge volume of new SUVs available, the sedan market share is quite small in comparison.  Cars like the brand new Toyota Corolla Sedan will enjoy some attention by those on the lookout for a superb medium-size sedan.  The new 2020 Toyota Corolla Sedan looks awesome and boasts that new eye-catching arrow headlight design and smooth aerodynamic lines.

It’s imperative that a new car has a modern engine that delivers decent power and fuel efficiency.  Under the bonnet of a new 2020 Toyota Corolla ZR Sedan lays an inline 2.0-litre, four cylinder petrol engine that always feels eager and frisky.  Pushing 205 Nm of torque through to the front wheels, there is always a nice smooth delivery of refined acceleration as the revs climb effortlessly.  The 126 kW of power feels stronger than the figure suggests, and this is as much due to the way Toyota has a mastery over superior engine management systems and design.

Out on the open road the newest Corolla Sedan can easily return 6 litres/100 km or less and, if you add to the drive some miles inside city walls, you’ll be impressed with how slowly the fuel needle moves.  The Toyota CVT has to take a lot of the credit here with its smooth optimum gearing always available for all road types and driving demands.  Toyota has employed a special take-off gear for this new CVT system for quicker acceleration from a standstill.  They have also made it feel more like a traditional automatic gearbox with programmed points that mimic an automatic gear change.  2.0-litre CVT models also get paddle shifters which are nice to use.

A six-speed manual transmission is also available, and I love the way the manual gearbox shifts sweetly between gears.  This is a delightful drive for those who like to engage more with the car, choosing when-and-where to shift through the gears.  There is more than enough power on tap, and with the Corolla’s agile chassis there is fun to be had.  Driver modes include a sport mode that has the steering, engine response and gearing tightening up for those who want to get the best agility and driving experience out of the new Toyota Corolla.

A smaller engine in the form of a 104 kW, 1.8-litre VVTi petrol is also available for base model cars, and again I’m impressed with this engine’s get-up-and-go and its smooth function and refinement.  Fuel economy is even better.

The other option available to the buyer is Toyota’s genius 1.8-litre petrol/hybrid version of the latest Corolla Sedan.  This is a very economical option, while still delivering on Toyota’s nice blend of engine response and reliability.

Step up from the already well-equipped base models and you can get some nice additions like 18-inch alloys, LED headlights and keyless entry with push button start.  High end models get things like electronic and heated front seats, an HD touchscreen with all the bells and whistles, blind spot monitoring (optional), a rear view camera and parking sensors.  All Corolla sedans have 370 litres of boot space available which is on a par with similar cars in this class.

Premium ZR Corolla Sedans get a lot of soft materials that are used inside the cabin, while the glossy hard trimmings look premium and sharp.  It’s definitely a stylish cabin ambience with typically simple and easy-to-use Toyota controls.  The colour head-up display shares important information and warnings to the driver, while a big step up in Apple CarPlay, connective services and Siri communications comes as part of the new premium Corolla package.

Comfortable seats for front and rear passengers, good audio sound and all the latest infotainment features make the latest Toyota Corolla Sedan a nice car to live with on a day-to-day basis.  These are easy cars to drive, delivering one of the best reliability records around.

Toyota is a genius when it comes to safety requirements and design.  They have been equally strong leaders in car safety for quite some time, and the latest Toyota Corolla Sedan boasts Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 with all its premium safety technology and strength.  With features like radar cruise control, seven SRS airbags, road sign assist, lane departure alert, emergency braking and auto high beam there is an aura of solidity underlying Toyota’s medium/compact Corolla Sedan experience.

A complete list of models for the 2020 Toyota Corolla Sedan are yet to be fully confirmed, but keep your eyes out for this excellent offering from Toyota.

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