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Toyota Corolla Hybrid

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Toyota Corolla Hybrid

It was always on the cards, and I’m surprised it hasn’t happened sooner.  I guess the Prius Hybrid has been around for a while; however the new Corolla Hybrid is here and is one of the better ways to enjoy fuel efficient and planet-loving transport.  Boasting a responsive 1.8-litre engine and a hatchback design, the new Toyota Corolla Hybrid impresses.

The Toyota Corolla Hybrid has a battery layout in a Series Parallel layout, and the maximum hybrid/petrol system output is 100 kW.  Blending battery efficiency and petrol power, the hybrid boasts a combined fuel consumption figure as low as 4.1 litres/100 km.  In the real world the figures should remain pretty low.  Underneath, the hybrid is fitted with the engine and CVT transmission from the previous-generation Prius, which has a total system output of 100kW.  The combined fuel consumption is a 33 per cent reduction on the petrol GLX model, and CO2 emissions are 96g/km which is 47g less than the petrol equivalent.  Power is fed to the front wheels, and the Corolla road-holding is always right up there with the best of them in its class.  These sort of number suggest that once paid for, the car will give very low cost motoring.

No-fuss Toyota reliability and efficiency is one of the reasons why so many car buyers keep going back to the Japanese car manufacturer for their next new car.  Toyota covers the new Corolla Hybrid with a three year/100,000 km warranty for real peace-of-mind motoring.

So does a Hybrid car still have a level of luxury equivalent to that of a devoted petrol or diesel alternative?  The reason you may ask this question might come from the fact that most of your go-power in a hybrid car comes from the hybrid battery package, and running the luxury features would drain the battery set-up, right?  Well, actually, the hybrid system copes extremely well with the demands of luxury car items.  The hybrid batteries are extremely powerful and efficient.  All the luxury items you would expect are standard items, and you’ll see power windows, satellite navigation, Bluetooth, delayed interior lighting and LED daytime running lights as standard features on a new Toyota Corolla Hybrid.

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Toyota Corolla Hybrid Interior

Interior comfort is of a high standard in a new Corolla Hybrid.  Seating for five is easily catered for; however a long journey in the middle of the rear seat could get tiresome.  A strong six-speaker sound system, climate control air-conditioning, and electric windows are all standard features.  Luggage space is a handy 360 litres with the rear seats in place.  These can be split-folded.  Cup holders and bottle holders are present, while plenty of good storage space throughout the cabin can be easily utilised.

Power is responsive without being overly quick.  The Toyota Corolla Hybrid is, after all, an economy model.  On the road, the car has good grip and light steering.  The hybrid technology has contributed to some important differences from other Corolla models.  To accommodate all the componentry, the rear suspension has been changed from a torsion beam arrangement to a double wishbone setup with stabiliser, and this has given it very good handling characteristics.  Fast open road touring in the new Corolla Hybrid feels well sorted, and safe and secure on the road – probably because the hybrid system adds 90 kg to the kerb weight of a standard GLX Corolla.  The front brakes are also 21 mm larger to cope with this additional weight.  Braking is sharp and responsive.  Road noise is well muted, even when the petrol engine is under full throttle.  Wind noise is well supressed.

Since 1997, Toyota has sold 9 million hybrids globally.  That’s a heap of vehicles, suggesting that Toyota is far from being a greenhorn hybrid manufacturer.  Many mainstream manufacturers are offering hybrid cars in their line-up.  BMW, Mercedes Benz, Nissan and Honda are all in on the hybrid game.  The Toyota Corolla Hybrid, definitely, is one of the best budget hybrid cars on sale.

The Toyota Corolla Hybrid model series includes the:

  • Corolla Hybrid CTV

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