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2020 Toyota Supra

Wow what a car!  The 2020 Toyota Supra is an exciting new coupe roadster that looks absolutely gorgeous.  Whether it’s more BMW than Toyota, or more Toyota than BMW, “Who really cares?” because this is a sexy car delivering fast action and loads of fun.  Very nice sporty lines get the heart racing and, interestingly, the new Supra is actually built in Austria.

First impressions are wow what a nice car when standing outside.  And then first impressions when inside the car are wow what a nice car inside.  Finally, when you launch control a 0-100 km/h dash in the new Supra impressions are wow this is a fast car!  That’s the 2019 Toyota Supra review in a nutshell really, so just head on down and try one out for yourself.  Try before you buy and I’m sure you’ll buy.

For those who want a little bit more of a read up on the latest Toyota Supra, I’ll set about filling this out with some more detail.  While seated in the Supra’s new cockpit, the interior detailing is impeccable, stylish and cleanly designed with an uncluttered layout.  BMW systems are used throughout the cockpit, so the Germanic layout is evident here; and that’s a good thing.  Everything feels well thought out, ergonomic, luxurious and solidly engineered.

Definitely a real head turner, the brand new Toyota Supra is stunning.  I love the very low stance on the road, double bubble roof and the gorgeous back end which is strikingly good looking.  This car has what it takes to match any exotic metal running our roads.

As standard the 2020 Toyota Supra gets a large infotainment screen centre dash, satellite navigation and all the familiar high-end music, smartphone and Bluetooth connections.  A beautifully stylish digital driver’s display screen is lovely to look at and easy to read, and you get adaptive cruise control as well as other steering wheel mounted controls for various on-board systems.  A ten-speaker sound system comes as standard and delivers the goods for some amazing audio; and yet one of the best sound tracks is that of the engines growl as it sweeps through the revs.  A reversing camera comes in handy at the shopping mall.

Full LED adaptive headlights are a nice design statement, and they are more than capable of lighting up the road ahead for fast night time driving.  There are plenty of electronic driving aids to keep the power under control at the limits, and the new Toyota Supra comes with an electronic slip-differential control system.  The adaptive suspension is a nice feature that rides comfortably in normal settings.  Harden the chassis right up in Sport Mode for driving in the fast lane or at the track and wow it is superb.

Alcantara sport seats offer electronic adjustment, and these are very nice to sit in.  Loads of side bolstering support is there with all the handling capability this car has to offer.  BMW’s iDrive touchscreen system has to be rated as one of the best to use, and the new Supra boasts this special system as part of the experience.

A Toyota Supra Pro adds some other cool features that include full leather seats, two extra speakers to make twelve in total, wireless charging for your phone and a Heads-Up display.  It’s just my preference, but I like to look out the front windshield without two much other info getting in the way, however this ones good.  What would be pretty cool would be just a safety Heads-Up display that reveals incoming pedestrians and cyclists, speed limits as they change, cars running red lights etc.

On the road the Toyota Supra is really quick, and it sits very low to the ground with its 50:50 weight distribution being the perfect mix for driving entertainment.  Razor sharp handling and bucket loads of grip mean that you can go insanely quick on any open road – actually anywhere.  BMW’s 3.0-litre twin scroll turbo packs huge power and it’s so much fun.  With a low weight, 254 kW and 550 Nm of torque the Supra is shatteringly fast.  A top speed is limited to 250 km/h but it feels like it has way more behind the limiter.  You can easily turn the driver aids off and have loads of fish tailing antics for loads of controllable fun.  Power is directed to the rear wheels and delivered via an eight-speed automatic gearbox with manual mode paddle shifters if you like that driving style.

Select Normal mode and the car has an impressively comfortable ride around town and for normal driving conditions.  That’s a great asset for long term ownership.  Parking sensors and a rear view camera make it a peach to park safely in tight situations and the Supra also boasts quite a tight turning circle for excellent manoeuvrability about town.  Masses of acceleration for passing is right on tap – even in Normal mode.  Big Brembo brakes have all the stopping power you need to haul yourself in confidently and quickly as well.

When considering how practical the new Supra is for everyday driving you’ve got to remember that this is a two-seater only.  No rear seats are present in the back, and even if there were they would only be able to accommodate a Chihuahua.  However, what you do get is some storage space behind the front seats to put any myriad of items that can fit in this area.  Cup holders, small door bins and a reasonably sized glovebox are able to take articles easy enough.  But the Supra, as with the BMW Z4, are designed for the driving enthusiast in mind more than as a school run machine.  Mind you; if you were taking your one and only child to school in a new Supra he would make plenty of friends quickly – probably not for all the right reasons though!  Boot space is 290 litres, and actually the shape of the boot is quite good for carrying larger items.  There are tie down hooks, a 12V socket and luggage nets available as well.

This ladies and gentleman is one of the best sports cars on the market.  Go and enjoy!

The 2020 Toyota Supra models include the:

  • Supra
  • Supra Pro

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