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2021 Toyota Hilux

What’s new for Toyota’s Hilux?  2021 sees the latest ute legend toughened up, with a sharper design that has been built around a more prominent grill.  The new SR5, Rogue and Rugged X also get a set of better-looking streamlined LED headlights.  But that’s not all, there are features like a motorised roller cover that can hide away your tools on the pick-up versions.  This, of course, is a standard feature on the upmarket Hilux Rogue.  The safety features are better than ever and there is more power available under the hood.

New Toyota Hilux SR5, Rogue and Rugged X grade variants come with smart entry and smart start.  At the push of the button you’re away.  Wherever your office or your work site happens to be, you can stay connected to your mobile phone thanks to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.  Getting and staying connected to business opportunities and friends is easy with the latest communication apps onboard the 2021 Hilux.  The central infotainment screen also connects via voice command controls as well as touch.

The latest safety features are onboard your brand new 2021 Toyota Hilux.  Features like Trailer Sway Control enable you to tow up to 3500 kg with ease.  The Hill Descent system now comes as a standard feature for the SR 4×4 Double Cab Auto, SR5 4×4, Rogue and Rugged X models.  This advanced technology is ready to step in on slippery, steep and rocky downhill sections, ensuring that wheel locking up doesn’t occur.   Five-star safety means your in strong hands should the worst occur.

You now get front mounted smart cameras about your Hilux which recognise certain Australian speed signs.  Once recognised, an alert warns you that it’s time to check and change your speed.  With all the road patrols and speed cameras about this is a handy and likable feature.  Using the new Hilux’s built-in cameras and radar, the Pre-Collision Safety (PCS) system has been designed to alert you when a frontal collision is likely with another vehicle, pedestrian or Daytime Cyclist.  If required, the system will help you apply the right amount of brake pressure to avoid the collision.  Also, using the built-in camera and front-grille-mounted radar, the Hilux keeps you at a pre-selected speed, automatically accelerating and decelerating with the traffic in front.  The two pick-up variants come standard with a reversing camera to make life easy when country goes to town or just for when Mum drops the kids off at school.  The 2021 SR5 and Rogue versions also feature a 6-sensor front and rear parking sensor system, so your work ute really is becoming an upmarket city slicker.  Lane Assist is standard, where the Hilux will sound a buzzer and display a visual warning on the Multi-Information Display if it senses that you have veered out of your lane while travelling at more than 50 km/h.

Out on the road you’ll find the Hilux to be a well mannered ute with a nice high view of the road ahead.  The road holding is safe and well-planted, while braking is excellent.  With added power now available to the 2021 models, the drive is rewarding and effortless.

Under the hood, and at your right foot, there is 150 kW of power and 500 Nm of torque that can be called upon in an instant.  The HiLux’s top of the line 2.8 -litre diesel engine gets a welcome power upgrade.  The 2021 model has an extra 20 kW, while torque steps up by 50 Nm in the automatic transmission variants.  This added power and torque ensures that you aren’t left wanting when pulling up against the competition.  There is nothing worse than feeling like the weedy brother or the weak link in the chain.  Having the extra boost in engine torque and the sophisticated towing technology means that your 2021 Toyota Hilux 4×4 variants have a 3.5 tonne braked towing capacity.  This workute and recreational vehicle from Toyota makes short work of any tow job, and getting away for a family weekend with the boat or caravan is no sweat for this cool customer.  The Toyota HiLux SR 4×4 Double Cab Auto, the SR5, the Rogue and the Rugged X variants all feature rear diff lock, low range 4WD and Downhill Assist Control.  The Outback is ready to be tamed!

The 2021 Toyota Hilux models include the:

  • Hilux WorkMate Cab-Chassis Single-Cab
  • Hilux WorkMate Cab-Chassis Extra-Cab
  • Hilux WorkMate Cab-Chassis Double-Cab
  • Hilux WorkMate Pick-Up Double-Cab
  • Hilux SR Cab-Chassis Single-Cab
  • Hilux SR Cab-Chassis Extra-Cab
  • Hilux SR Cab-Chassis Double-Cab
  • Hilux SR Pick-Up Extra-Cab
  • Hilux SR Pick-Up Double-Cab
  • Hilux SR5 Cab-Chassis Double-Cab
  • Hilux SR5 Pick-Up Extra-Cab
  • Hilux SR5 Pick-Up Double-Cab
  • Hilux Rogue Double-Cab Pick-Up
  • Hilux Rugged X Double-Cab Pick-Up

For any more information on the new Toyota Hilux or, for that matter, any other new car, contact one of our friendly consultants on 1300 303 181.  If you’d like some fleet discount pricing (yes even for private buyers!), we can submit vehicle quote requests out to our national network of Toyota dealers and come back with pricing within 24 hours.  Private Fleet – car buying made easy!